Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff finds it hard to accept Lewis Hamilton's double time penalty at the Russian Grand Prix.

The World Cup leader was only third after being penalized by a ten-second penalty for a pre-race violation.

"I am not happy with this penalty because I think it is very far-fetched," Wolff told



after the race.

"I will always respect the stewards, but this time I disagree with their decision."

Hamilton made two test starts during the lap to the grid before the start of the race in a place where this is not allowed.

That resulted in the six-time world champion a time penalty of two five seconds.

He lost the lead and fell back to eleventh place, to finish third.

Initially, Hamilton also received two penalty points on his racing license, bringing him a total of ten.

A race suspension therefore came close, because a driver is excluded at twelve penalty points.

Because Mercedes was able to demonstrate that the team ordered Hamilton to make the test starts, the penalty points were waived later on Sunday and converted into a fine for the team.

Hamilton himself was angry and disappointed because of the double time penalty.

The 35-year-old Briton had the feeling that the stewards were paying extra attention to him, because he is well at the top of the World Cup position.

"We'll just keep our heads down and keep fighting, keep trying to do a better job, be cleaner, squeaky clean" Read Lewis Hamilton's reaction to Sunday's big talking point ⬇️ #RussianGP 🇷🇺 # F1


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'Hamilton had no advantage with the place of test starts'

Wolff, who visited the stewards before the start of the race to explain the incident, shared Hamilton's dissatisfaction.

"You know, things are not always black and white. There is also room for interpretation," said the team boss.

"With common sense, the rules can be interpreted in two ways."

According to the regulations, the test starts must take place on the right side of the pit lane, after the traffic lights.

Hamilton made his test starts at the very end of the pit lane.

"But that was also on the right, and it was also past the traffic lights," said Wolff.

"He also had no advantage in doing it there. The fact that we get a penalty in the race for something that happens beforehand feels unfair."

After his explanation, Wolff also wanted to look at the positive points for the team.

"We are emotional after Lewis 'penalty, but really our energy should go to Valtteri Bottas' victory."

"After a long time he won again and he deserves it. A first and third place is enough reason to go home happily. We can be satisfied and have to learn from the incident."

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