Alexandre Lacazette appeared on cue near the post, and steered it past the goalie.

Then came a mistake from Andrew Robertson in the Liverpool defense to Lacazette who despite a half-hit managed to put Alisson in the goal and put 1-0 to Arsenal.

Liverpool would then really pull up.

Three minutes later came the equalizer when Mohamed Salah shot and Mané in an open goal pounded the ball.

And six minutes later it was time again.

After a short tussle with the defender, Trent Alexander-Arnold finally tucked the ball home. 1-0, who was unfortunately behind 1-0, was very clean a few meters from goal and could easily get revenge by putting 2-1.

After 2-1, it was Liverpool who brought the game out of the game, and did not give Arsenal more than a few chances.

In the end, Liverpool would win 3-1 after Diogo Jota chested the ball down the line to the penalty area and nicely finished the post into the 88th minute.