China News Service, Linzhi, Tibet, September 27th (Zhang Wei) On the 26th, in the women's speed climbing finals at the Linzhi Station of the 2020 China Climbing League, Chinese female players Niu Di and Deng Lijuan ranked in 6.81 seconds and 6.98 seconds. Champion and runner-up, both surpassed the world record of 6.99 seconds held by Indonesian female athlete Aris.

The picture shows on the 26th, Niu Di (middle) won the women's speed event again after the 2020 China Climbing League Shandong Tai'an Station.

Photo by Zhang Wei

  According to Li Guowei, director of the Climbing Department of the Chinese Mountaineering Association, the hardware facilities such as the rock fulcrum and the timing and scoring system for this competition have been certified by the International Climbing Federation. However, due to factors such as the epidemic, the on-site supervision of the event by the officials of the International Climbing Federation cannot be Therefore, Niu Di’s performance was not certified as a new world record. “However, the performances of Niu Di and Deng Lijuan are officially recognized by China, and both of them surpassed the existing world record.”

The picture shows Niu Di (right) in the Women's Speed ​​Climbing Finals of the 2020 Chinese Climbing League in Linzhi Station in Tibet with a world record result on the 26th.

Photo by Zhang Wei

  In the women's speed climbing preliminaries held on the 25th in Linzhi, at an altitude of more than 2,900 meters, Deng Lijuan from the Hunan Qixingshan National Rock Climbing Team broke the Chinese record for women's speed climbing with a time of 7.08 seconds.

On the 26th, before facing Niu Di of the Hubei Rock Climbing National Training Team, Deng Lijuan made three appearances, with a result of about 7.1 seconds, leading all the way.

The picture shows on the 26th, Niu Di and Deng Lijuan ranked first and second with 6.81 seconds and 6.98 seconds respectively, surpassing the world record of 6.99 seconds held by Indonesian female athlete Aris (video screenshot).

Photo by Zhang Wei

  Although Deng Lijuan raised her own Chinese record by 0.1 second in the final matchup, Niu Di, who has more experience in the competition, came from behind. Following the 2020 China Climbing League Shandong Tai'an Station, she won the event again. The champion of the speed project.

  Deng Lijuan said in an interview with reporters after the game that she was a little worried about the high altitude that would affect the performance of the game when she went to Tibet for the first time, but she achieved good results beyond her imagination. “It’s better than usual training performance. Linzhi is beautiful. My blessed place, I look forward to coming here to compete again in the future."

  After winning the championship in Tibet with a world record, Niu Di bluntly said that he was happy and surprised.

"I am considered an'veteran' in the competition. The tactic I developed is to stabilize myself in the early stage, don't be too excited, concentrate on every detail, and try my best at the last trip. I didn't expect to tie me in the preliminaries yesterday. The best result before."

  Niu Di said that Tibet has brought together China’s top women’s speed climbing athletes. “A stronger opponent can also drive you to perform better in the competition. Improving your performance depends more on your preparations before the start of the competition, but this time Everyone generally performed better than before. I think it should be related to the plateau environment."

The picture shows the end of the 2020 China-Climbing League Tibet Nyingchi Station on the 26th.

Photo by Zhang Wei

  Yuan Guoqing, the scientific research coach of the Chinese national rock climbing team, told reporters that track and field events are easy to achieve results in the sub-plateau, but whether plateau areas such as Linzhi can promote the performance of speed sports events remains to be demonstrated.

For this reason, the Chinese national rock climbing team monitored the physical condition of the contestants one week before the start of the competition and established a database. At present, various samples have been collected, and the corresponding conclusions will be obtained after analysis and summary.

  Yuan Guoqing said that this is not only to provide health protection for athletes who come to Tibet to compete, but also to enrich the topics of plateau sports. “For rock climbing and other sports that require athletes' aerobic and anaerobic capabilities, we will carry out plateau training. Research and feedback to the coaching staff, it is not impossible to make a special trip to the plateau area about 3000 meters above sea level to carry out rock climbing training." (End)