Major League Baseball Reds Shogo Akiyama Multiple hits in two consecutive games September 27, 12:57

Shogo Akiyama of the Major League Baseball Reds started in the Twins game and hit two hits in two consecutive games.

On the 26th, Akiyama started in the left field in the first match against the Twins in Minneapolis, the opponent's home base, and when he hit in front of the left field in the first at bat, he quickly decided to steal and was third. I stepped on the first home with a timely two base.

Akiyama hit infield hits that assaulted the third in the second at bat twice, marking multiple hits in two consecutive games.

The third at bat in the 5th inning was a left fly, and the 4th at bat, which was greeted with 1 out 1st base and 2nd base in the 7th inning, was sent a pinch hitter because the opponent's pitcher changed from right to left. was.

The Reds lost 3-7 in the match.