Major League Baseball Raise Yoshitomo Tsutsugo Timely hit is also defensive 2 missteps September 27, 12:59

Yoshitomo Tsutsugo of the Major League Baseball Rays made a full appearance against the Phillies on the 26th, and made a timely hit and three walks on base in all at-bats.

Tsutsugo started in No. 4 and Third in the Phillies match at his home base, St. Petersburg.

It is the first time since the 15th of this month that he will be in 4th place, and he chose a walk for the first at-bat in the second inning, and in the second at-bat, which was greeted with two outs and second base in the fourth inning to chase one point, made a timely hit before the left. I struck.

The 3rd at bat in the 5th inning was a walk away with a chance of 2 outs, 2nd and 3rd base, and the 4th at bat in the 8th inning was also a walk. It was one at bat.

In the defense, the ball that slid and caught the ground ball to the right of the third and sent it to the first base became one bounce, and while the first flicked, the second base runner returned to the home and Tsutsugo got an error, 6 times. Also recorded an error.

In the match, Raise won 4 to 3 and won 3 consecutive wins.