The two penalty points that Lewis Hamilton received on Sunday at the Grand Prix of Russia for his illegal test starts have been converted into a fine for his team Mercedes.

The German racing stable has to pay an amount of 25,000 euros.

Hamilton initially received two penalty points on his super license and was therefore close to a race suspension, as he would have been on ten penalty points.

At twelve points in one year, a driver is suspended for one race.

Only after the race on November 15 in Turkey will the first penalty points for the World Cup leader expire.

Prior to the race in Sochi, Hamilton made two test starts outside the permitted stretch of asphalt.

During the Grand Prix he already got a ten-second time penalty and partly because of that he finished third.

According to the FIA, Hamilton cannot be blamed on closer inspection because he asked his team prior to the incident if he could also carry out the test starts on the asphalt.

Mercedes replied in the affirmative, so that the race management now places full responsibility with Mercedes.

The 35-year-old Briton already thought it was unfair that he was being punished for two test starts that he made shortly before the start at a place on the circuit where this is not allowed.

"I'm pretty sure no one has ever been punished for anything so ridiculous," Hamilton told



"I have not put anyone in danger. Over the years I have done this on a million other circuits and it has never been a problem," said the angry Mercedes driver, who finished third in Sochi behind winner Valtteri Bottas and Max Verstappen. .

Results GP Russia

  • 1. Bottas (Mercedes) 25 points +1

  • 2. Verstappen (Red Bull) 18 points

  • 3. Hamilton (Mercedes) 15 points

  • 4. Pérez (Racing Point) 12 points

  • 5. Ricciardo (Renault) 10 points

  • 6. Leclerc (Ferrari) 8 points

  • 7. Ocon (Renault) 6 points

  • 8. Kvyat (AlphaTauri) 4 points

  • 9. Gasly (AlhpaTauri) 2 points

  • 10. Albon (Red Bull) 1 point

'Of course they take me harder'

Hamilton feels that the stewards are tackling him harder as the leader in the World Cup position.

"Of course they do, but you can expect that. They're just trying to stop me, right?"

The race in Russia should have been a festive affair for Hamilton.

In a win, he could have matched Michael Schumacher's Formula 1 record of 91 victories.

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Hamilton does not understand early pit stop

"That time penalty ruined everything, otherwise I think I could have won," said Hamilton, who did not understand that Mercedes was already bringing him in after seventeen laps for the pit stop plus time penalty.

As a result, he fell back to eleventh place.

"I thought we went in early. We have to discuss that later," said Hamilton.

In the World Cup standings, Hamilton is still 44 points ahead of Bottas.

"I just have to make sure things like this don't happen again. I stay focused and focus on the next race," he said ahead of the Eifel GP in two weeks at the Nürburgring.

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