Chinanews client, September 26, early morning on the 26th Beijing time, La Liga powerhouse Atletico Madrid officially announced that Uruguayan star Suarez has joined.

It is reported that Suarez signed a two-year contract with Atletico Madrid, and his weekly salary has dropped significantly compared to his time in Barcelona.

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  Atletico Madrid stated through the official website that Suarez has passed the medical examination and arrived at the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium.

Later today, he will participate in the first training session after joining Atletico Madrid to meet with his new teammates.

  Suarez, 33, is still one of today's top centers.

He has played for Ajax, Liverpool and other teams, and joined Barcelona after the 2014 World Cup.

So far, Suarez has scored 198 goals for Barcelona.

He has won 4 La Liga titles, 4 Copa del Rey titles, 2 Spanish Super Cup titles, 1 Champions League title and 1 World Club Cup title with the team, and also won 2 European Golden Boots.

  Suarez is the third most scoring player in Barcelona's history, second only to Messi and Cesar.

On the 24th local time, Barcelona held a farewell ceremony for Suarez.

It is reported that Barcelona does not charge a fixed transfer fee, but has a floating clause of 6 million euros.

  As a friend, Messi also sent a blessing to Suarez through social media: "Although I know it, I walked into the dressing room today and I felt that you really left. Whether on or off the court, I will miss you. For many years. Friends, those laughter, dinner... many things will never be forgotten."

  It is reported that Suarez will wear the No. 9 shirt at Atletico Madrid.

The No. 9 jersey previously belonged to Morata, but the latter has now been loaned to Juventus.