Sumo Autumn Basho Day 13 Sekiwake's Masayo, the new opening Shosaru defends 2 losses September 25, 19:00

On the 13th day of the Sumo Autumn Basho, Masayo Sekiwake won the match against Takakeishō Ozeki with two losses, and Shosaru, the new starter, also won and defended the two losses.

In the autumn place, two people are in the top with two losses, and four people are chasing after one star difference.

It is a victory or defeat after entering the middle.

In Shimanoumi, Shohozan is the origin of Shimanoumi.

Ishiura throws the new opening of Hoshoryu well.

Kotoshogiku is sent to Ichinojo by Ichinojo.

Kaisei won the Sadanoumi by pushing it down.

Enhō Akira decided to win with Akio's duster.

Tokushoryu and Chiyotairyu will be closed from the 25th due to injuries to both legs.

Tokushoryu is a bye.

Kotoeko and Aoiyama are close to Kotoeko.

Kotoshoho had a hand in Kotoshoho, and Takayasu won.

Takarafuji defended 3 losses with Abu Saki.

Tochinoshin is pushed out by Kagayaki due to the misplacement of the Gyoji army.

Tochinoshin has lost.

Tamawashi is thrown down by Myogiryu.

Tamawashi is losing.

Terutsuyoshi sent out to Hokutofuji.

Hokutofuji lost.

Takanosho's victory over Shosaru was won by the new opening Shosaru.

Shosaru defended two losses.

Terunofuji and Wakatakakage will be closed from the 25th due to an injury to their left knee.

Wakatakakage with 3 losses is a bye.

Ryuden is close to the sea of ​​Okinoumi.

Kiribayama pushed out Kiribayama, who re-entered Daieishō Sekiwake from the 25th.

The first of the two losses of Takakeishō Ozeki to Masayo Sekiwake was that Masayo won by pushing down and defended the two losses.

Takakeishō is back to 3 losses.

Ozeki Asanoyama Sekiwake Mitakeumi is thrown well by Asanoyama.

Asanoyama has won 10 consecutive victories, including 3 consecutive losses and 2 bye wins.

In the autumn place, after the 13th day, Masayo and Shosaru lined up at the top with 2 losses, and Asanoyama, Takakeishō, Wakatakakage, and Abu Saki followed with 3 losses.