In the away match against Umeå on August 22, the former Helsingborg and Bröndby player Oke Akpoteva ended up in a hot exchange with a Umeå player.

Afterwards, he was reported to the Swedish Football Association's disciplinary committee.

Today, the decision came from the disciplinary committee.

Akpoveta is suspended for two matches for inappropriate behavior, and the decision states what the Nigerian should have said.

The report states that the person who reported it said "White boy" to an opponent.

The respondent has stated in an opinion to the disciplinary committee that he is 90 percent sure that he has not used the term, but if that is the case then there is nothing he is behind ", the disciplinary committee writes in its decision, which is quoted by Borås Tidning, and continues :

The Disciplinary Board finds no reason to question the complainant's information and therefore considers that it has been clarified that the complainant has used the term "White boy".

In this context, the term may be considered to have a condescending character with an undertone of racism and should be punished with suspension ”.

"Some harsh words"

On Norrby's website, Akpoveta has commented on the suspension.

- There were some harsh words between us.

He then claims that I have expressed myself insulting to him.

I was very upset and can not remember 100 percent what was said.

It is really not in my nature to behave badly and offend other people.

On the other hand, I accept the disciplinary committee's decision, he says.