Khaddi Sagnia is showing super form, now that the athletics season is coming to an end.

Tonight, when the Diamond League season ended in Doha, she stood for one of the best results of her career.

Her longest jump in the long jump competition by reaching a full 6.85 in her second jump - just seven centimeters from the personal record she set in Zagreb last week.

- It is a world result, says SVT Sports expert Kajsa Bergqvist, and continues a little later:

- It is fantastic that she has established herself at this level and picks it out competition after competition.

She still has trouble finding the plank sometimes, but has become more confident in the approach.

She has something very, very special going on.

The last jump decided

Tonight's competition, just like Stockholm's Diamond League competition earlier this summer, had the new system with a final jump.

Thus, the three who jumped the longest after five rounds had to jump a final jump, where everyone had to jump one jump each, and the one who jumped the longest would win.

In that jump, Sagnia reached "only" 6.55 and thus finished third, despite her 6.85 being the competition's second longest jump.

- That Marina Bech-Romatjuk wins is completely fair because she jumped the longest (6.91), and you can think that there is no major difference between finishing second or third.

But there is also prize money in these competitions that can come in handy, and there is a certain difference between second and third place.