40-year-old Marit Björgen did her last competition as a cross-country skier in the Norwegian championships in April 2018. We thought.

But this winter she will make a comeback, in the brothers Anders and Jörgen Aukland's long distance running team Team Ragde Eiendom.

Great Johaug victory

Today it was time for her first race since 2018, in an 11.5 kilometer long roller ski competition arranged by the above mentioned long race team.

Björgen then had tough opposition, as Therese Johaug was also in the race.

Johaug was a full 2.02 before Björgen in the duo's first competition against each other in over five years.

The last time they met was in the Oslo Ski Show in June 2015, before Björgen's first maternity leave, which was followed by Johaug's doping suspension and Björgen's subsequent retirement.

"It is cruel"

Johaug was, despite the fact that Björgen was far behind, impressed by Björgen's achievement.

- It is cruel.

There is nothing else to say.

She has been away from the circus for two years and exercise is a fresh product.

Even though she has traveled fast before, she has to put in a lot of work.

I think Marit went well.

I'm still an elite athlete, so I should win against her, she told NRK.

"Has gone well"

Marit Björgen was also satisfied, despite the loss.

- I think it has gone well this autumn.

I have been on some long trips with the guys in Team Ragde and have received positive answers.

But I have no idea what the level is on the women's side.

So I do not know how fast I have to go, she said.