Duplantis comes from the outdoor record of 6.15 in Rome just over a week ago.

But he is not in the best shape.

- I have not managed to get in my best shape, Duplantis says to Expressen.

During the indoor season's world records with 6.17 and 6.18 (also counted internationally as world records outdoors), Duplantis was in better shape and could jump with larger poles.

He describes the difference from his 6.15 jump in Rome.

"Not as high as the 6.18 jump"

- It was not as high as my 6.18 jump last winter.

But the rod I had now was two notches smaller.

I really maxed out that rod.

I had a very good timing in the jump.

It was a good hope, I am happy with that hope, Duplantis said on Saturday to Expressen (which publishes the text today).

Duplantis does not think it is possible to jump so much higher than 6.15 with the pole he used in Rome when he erased Sergei Bubka's 26-year-old outdoor record.

It is unclear what type of rods Duplantis brings to Doha. 

Duplantis made a big splash this season, despite the fact that the outdoor part was really mutilated by the corona pandemic.

The outdoor season went sluggishly before he made a power jump of over six meters from August.

The shape is good but not on top.

Tribute by Kendricks: "The world's best pole vaulter ever"

- It's close, but this is not my "peak shape".

At the same time, I did not think I would get there this summer, he says to Expressen.

In Doha, he gets to meet Sam Kendricks who praised "Mondo" at today's press conference:

- I get to meet the world's best pole vaulter ever, Mondo, and I get to do it in this arena where I took my biggest victory at about the same time last year, says Kendricks who then became world champion.

Duplantis was then second.

The other Swede in Doha is the long jumper Khaddi Sagnia who has the best season best in the starting field with her recently made 6.92.

Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk follows close behind with 6.87, otherwise the rest of the field is far behind.

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Therefore, Duplantis is better than Bubka