Oskarshamn have been effective and counter-skilled in Gävle after 40 minutes of ice hockey.

It took only 52 seconds before the Smålanders' skilled defender Nolan Zajac scored the team's first goal of the season.

After the first period, the guests led 2-1, but it was in the second IKO would pull away properly.

"It's way too bad"

After two goals from Johannes Salmonsson and one from the newly acquired Jan Ordos, it is 1-5 on the scoreboard and the 50 spectators do not have much to be happy about so far.

- We are far too weak in front of our own goal.

They have scored some goals there and we pick them up enough and they just shave them.

That's way too bad.

We should be better than this, says Brynäs assistant team captain Simon Bertilsson to C More after two periods.

The match is in progress.