• Cycling: The shadow of doping returns to the Tour: two detainees in the Quintana team

So far,

Nairo Quintana

has not tested positive for any prohibited substance, nor is there any other type of evidence -which is known- that he has engaged in doping practices and

no formal accusation

falls on him

, nor by the French authorities, neither by those of international cycling, nor by any anti-doping agency.

Having made these timely preliminary clarifications, it is now time to explain that the Colombian cyclist is at the

epicenter of an investigation by the French Prosecutor's Office

that is shaking the days after the

Tour de France


An operation that started with the search of several of the rooms of the

Arkéa-Samsic team

, to which the Colombian belongs, last Wednesday, still during the Tour dispute, and that lasted on Monday with the arrest of two people by the French authorities.

Dominique Laurens

, the Marseille prosecutor in charge of the case, explained to the agency France Presse that during the searches they had found "

numerous health products among the drugs

and, above all, a method that can be classified as doping."

The Reuters agency also reported that investigators had found "saline solution" and "injection material."

Although he did not mention any cyclist, not even the affected team, Arkéa himself confirmed to French media that

the rooms registered were those of Nairo Quintana

, his brother Dayer and Winner Anacona, all of them Colombian Arkéa runners who were contesting the Tour.

Why did the French Police carry out this operation?

What indications or information did they have to proceed with those searches in the middle of the Tour?

It is something that so far is unknown.

The two Quintana brothers, in addition to seeing their rooms registered during the Tour, also came this Monday to give a statement to the French judicial authorities


two people arrested

are two assistants of the trust of the winner of the Giro y Vuelta, two people - his Colombian doctor and his Spanish masseuse, according to


- who have accompanied him throughout his career and who have continued to do so after leaving. the


and sign for Arkéa this year.

A common practice for top-level cyclists, who often demand to retain their trusted team when signing for a new team.

In fact, his brother




also ended up in the Arkéa at Nairo's express wish.

According to the French team, the two detainees are not on the team's payroll.

Arkéa leaves you alone

For the moment, the three cyclists allegedly involved in this case are silent, although the Arkéa-Samsic is not, which through a statement from its general manager,

Emmanuel Hubert

, has completely distanced itself from a matter that, they say, only involves « to a small number of runners and their

close surroundings

', non-salaried, of the Breton squad.

And they emphasize that they have no knowledge of the ongoing investigation since neither the team nor its staff are prosecuted.

In other words, this is not the Arkéa case, but in any case the Quintana-Anacona case.

The Arkéa, in short,

washes its hands and unloads on Nairo and his trusted persons the possible consequences

that the ongoing investigation may have, the origin of which remains unknown.

The team expresses its support for the runners, but makes it clear that it will cut ties with them if it is shown that they have resorted to prohibited practices.

And he does it with a forcefulness and asepsis that are surprising because they are unusual in the world of cycling, at least while there is no confirmed positive for doping.

The first consequence is that none of the three runners affected by this case will be part of the

Colombian team at the Imola World Cup

that takes place this week.

Nairo had resigned due to the fall he suffered during the Tour and that prevented him from remaining among the best during the alpine stages, while Arkéa informed the Colombian federation that Dayer and Anacona will attend.

Meanwhile, the Tour in particular and professional cycling in general

fear that the case will gain volume

and stain again a sport too hard hit by doping, just in a year in which the pandemic has driven away sponsors and left economies. teams shaking.

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