Sweden took the lead against Iceland in the first half, but after just over an hour of play, the Icelandic equalizer came.

The goal came via Iceland's main offensive weapon - 19-year-old Jane Jonsdottir's long throw into the penalty area.

After the match, Lina Hurtig says that Sweden did not keep track of Iceland's long throw-in.

- It became very difficult for us, we were not prepared and had to struggle in those situations, says Lina Hurtig according to Göteborgs Posten.

Caroline Seger also admits that the long throws came as a surprise.

- Long throws are a sign for Iceland, but we probably did not have a really good idea that this player threw such long throws.

On the other hand, I think we solve it well until this situation where they score goals.

It's a little unfortunate.

Sad to let in such a goal of course, says Seger to Sportbladet.

Federation captain Peter Gerhardsson handles the scouting together with the assistant league captain and the national team's analyst.

He tells Sportbladet that he was not sure that Jonsdottirs would start the match.

- We did not know if she would start because it is a young player.

She was a really good player, she was hard and not just with the throw-in.

Then I do not know how many minutes of the match were added to the throw-in, he says.