The still Barcelona footballer

Luis Suárez

would have manipulated his Italian exam to obtain the nationality of the country.

According to the chief prosecutor of Perugia, Raffaele Cantone, there was an agreement of the striker with some members of the Università degli stranieri di Perugia to be able to pass without studying.

The exam, essential to obtain Italian citizenship, took place on September 17, when Suárez arrived in Perugia from Barcelona by private plane.

Five directors of the University,

Giuliana Grego Bolli, Simone Olivieri, Stefania Spina, Lorenzo Rocca and Cinzia Camagna

are being investigated for the same facts

, on which there are accusations of documentary falsification and revelation of secrets.

The investigations, which were born by professionals of the Italian Treasury, were born from the conversations intercepted between the suspects to transform the evidence into a "farce"

Sentences emerge from the conversations that reveal the irregularities in the evaluation.

"We have managed it well, he is memorizing part of the exam," says one of the suspects.

"But he does not conjugate verbs, he speaks in the infinitive", another laments until one last ditch the debate: "It is a farce exam for him to pass. He must pass because with 10 million euros a year of salary he cannot be bothered because does not have the B1 ".

Suárez took the test to obtain Italian citizenship through his marriage to Sofía Balbi, of Friulian origin, and with the intention of increasing his opportunities in the transfer market.

In LaLiga he plays as an Italian thanks to his marriage but in Serie A that is not enough and a passport is required.

During his conversations with Juventus, passing the exam could have been one of the conditions imposed by the club, which in the end opted for Álvaro Morata.

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