Tampa Bay got off to a sad start in the final series against Dallas, with the 4-1 loss.

But in the return match, the Lightning from Florida pulled together, and was able to go to a first period break with a 3-0 lead.

Hill Victor Hedman was involved in a beautiful, quick passing game at the 2-0 goal that made the Dallas players look like statues.

The attack ended with Ondrej Palat being able to place the puck in goal.

Prior to that, Hedman was noted for an assist even at the first goal.

Better speed

This means that Hedman is now up to 17 points (9 goals, 8 assists) in this year's playoffs.

TT: What do you think distinguishes this match from last?

- We had better speed on the skates, we got into forecheck, got some dividends in powerplay.

Overall, I think we did a very good first period, says Hedman.

Klingberg assisted

In the second period, Dallas came again, where a shot from John Klingberg that was guided into goal by Joe Pavelski.

It was also Klingberg who was behind a brilliant performance to Mattias Janmark in the third period, when Dallas reduced to 3-2.

The goal was Janmark's first in the playoffs.

Klingberg has been dangerous in the playoffs, with 16 assists and 3 goals so far.

But Dallas never came closer than that, and it is now 1-1 in the final series, which is decided in the best of seven games.

- In the second period, we take a little too many expulsions and end up a little on the heels.

Dallas does a great job of course getting into that little bit.

Then I think that in the last period, after they score their second goal, that we take over the match again, and come back to our identity and think that we finish as we started, says Hedman.