Grand Sumo Tournament Kiribayama Tetsuo Closed today September 22, 15:55

Kiribayama, a flat curtain, hurt his left shoulder at the Sumo Autumn Basho and will be closed from the 22nd of the 10th day.

Kiribayama finished the 9th day with 6 wins and 3 losses, chasing the top 6 players with one star difference.

On the 9th day of the 21st, the 5th frontal piece, Kiribayama, showed a gesture of worrying about his left arm after losing to the first of the two losses with Takakeishō Ozeki.

As a result of being examined at the clinic in the National Sports Hall on the 22nd, Kiribayama was diagnosed as needing to be closed in the autumn due to "suspicion of damage to the left shoulder plate", and will be closed from the 22nd of the 10th day. It was.

Until the 9th day, Kiribayama was in good shape with 6 wins and 3 losses, and was chasing the 6 people who lined up at the top with 2 losses such as Takakeishō with one star difference.

Kiribayama will be closed for the third time since the fall of 2017, which was under the Makushita period.

Master Rikuoku said, "I wondered if I hit my shoulder at the beginning of yesterday. I said,'I'm gonna say it.' I told him that if it hurts, I should take a rest. I won't let you take a sumo wrestling. I can't tell unless I see the situation today. "

Asanoyama Ozeki, who was scheduled to play on the 22nd, will be the second bye of the place now, following the match against Toyoyama on the 8th day of Chunichi.