Sumo Autumn Basho 9th day 6 people line up with 2 losses September 21st 19:00

On the 9th day of the Sumo Autumn Basho, Takakeishō Ozeki defeated Kiribayama in the flat curtain and defended two losses.

In the autumn place, there is a melee with 6 people lined up with 2 losses.

It is a victory or defeat after entering the middle.

▽ Ten Kotonowaka won the Shimanoumi with Kotonowaka taking the lead.

▽ Shohozan Ishiura is the first white star in the current location, where Shohozan won by dusting.

▽ In Akio, Shosaru won by pushing out and defended 2 losses.

▽ Kaisei is close to Hoshoryu.

▽ Abu Saki pushed out to Kotoshoho and defended 2 losses.

▽ Enho Akira won by Enho, who weighs 92 kg, pushed out Ichinojo, which weighs 198 kg.

▽ Tokushoryu and Kotoshogiku are pushed down by Tokushoryu.

▽ Aoiyama is pushed out by Chiyotairyu.

▽ Kotoeko throws a small hand at Ryuden.

▽ The sea of ​​Sada is extruded by the sea of ​​Sada.

▽ In Takayasu, Wakatakakage won by sending out, and won 6 consecutive victories from the 4th day.

I defended 2 losses.

▽ Tamawashi is pushed down by Tamawashi on Takarafuji.

▽ Hokutofuji over Terunofuji, Terunofuji won by pushing down, and after losing two consecutive games from the first day, he has won seven consecutive games.

▽ Takanosho's victory Endo is pushed down by Takanosho's victory.

▽ Terutsuyoshi is the shoulder of Okinoumi Ayumi.

▽ Myogiryu Sekiwake and Mitakeumi are pushed out by Mitakeumi.

▽ Masayo Sekiwake Daieishō Sekiwake defended two losses by pushing down the first retake by Masayo.

▽ Ozeki Takakeishō on Mt. Kiriba is pushed out by Takakeishō.

Takakeishō also defended 2 losses.

▽ Tochinoshin over Ozeki Asanoyama, Asanoyama won by throwing well, and after 3 consecutive losses, he won 6 consecutive victories.

In the autumn place, after the 9th day, with 2 losses, Takakeishō, Masayo, Terunofuji, Wakatakakage, Abusaki, and Shosaru are in a mixed battle with 6 people at the top.