Stefan Mitrovic relishes: he has just released Racing with a furious head butt ten minutes before the end of the match against Dijon.



  • After three defeats in a row, Strasbourg have finally won this season in Ligue 1 by beating Dijon (1-0).

  • The Alsatians dominated the match but were sorely lacking in efficiency.

    For example, they hit the post ... three times.

  • The liberating goal came from Stefan Mitrovic, the captain who sank in Lorient at the opening of the championship.

At the Meinau stadium,

Racing players know how to do it when it comes to suspense.

The Meinau rings hollow with its 5,000 maximum people allowed?

Dijon seems completely dropped since the start of the match?

The Alsatians do not score.

They prefer to miss the frame (11 times out of 17 shots yesterday), make the opposing goalkeeper shine or… touch the post.

This Sunday, the amounts trembled three times.

On a header from Simakan (26th), one from Saadi (84th) and finally an attempt 20 meters from Prcic (88th).

Then there were these hot actions which could have led to penalties in favor of Thierry Laurey's players.

Perhaps not on Ajorque, who fell a bit alone at the time of his last hook, but more certainly on the same Saadi.

The only fault of the Algerian international was to continue his action, when he had just been unbalanced by Gomis (84th).

🎙️ Thierry #Laurey: "We hoped to win against @DFCO_Officiel. We did it. The way was pretty good. But, there are still many steps to be taken to reach more stable areas." # RCSADFCO (1-0)

- RC Strasbourg Alsace (@RCSA) September 20, 2020

“At one point, you say you're slim, it's not possible!

“, Laughs the technician from Strasbourg, without resenting his players too much.

With good reason: they finally made a good part this Sunday.

After the failures in Lorient (3-1), against Nice (0-2) and Saint-Etienne (2-0), for as many defeats, Racing really needed it.

Facing Dijon, deliverance came from Stefan Mitrovic.

The Serbian came to cut a cross from Dimitri Liénard ten minutes before the end (80th) before going to bed with joy on the lawn.

As if the Strasbourg captain needed to communicate his happiness… All the more so after personal performances that had fallen short since the resumption of the championship.

He had thus conceded a penalty in Brittany before watching his teammates from the bench on the following day.

"I was not at the level"

“I'm someone who knows when he's not well.

I was not at the level, I did not say anything when I was on the bench and I worked.

Work always pays ”, reacted the defender in a speech full of relief.

A feeling shared by Thierry Laurey, also satisfied to have seen his group not lower in intensity.

Our Ligue 1 file

"It's good that we have managed to materialize because it will show the players that when we are physically good, we are able to offer interesting things, Then the state of mind returned, even if he did not was not too gone, ”he adds, without getting too excited.

“We're not going to gargle because we beat Dijon.

“Especially before a trip to Monaco on Sunday, the reception of Lille the following weekend and finally the arrival of Lyon in mid-October.

Racing will not have the right to miss so many chances in every match.


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