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Good afternoon and welcome this live blog on

My name is Patrick Moeke and I will keep you informed of all developments during the last stage in the Tour de France.

Lots of fun!

  • LIVE:

  • Last leg

  • 122 kilometers

  • Finish on Champs-Élysées

  • Pogacar in yellow jersey

Tour de France a few seconds ago

Another 66 km

- We are in Paris and the stage is finally starting to look like a serious race.

The pace is going up a notch again.

a few seconds ago

Tour de France 4 minutes ago

Another 70 km

- The peloton is approaching Paris.

The last 66 kilometers of this Tour take place in the French capital.

Tour de France 17 minutes ago

Another 76 km

- The peloton is accelerating.

The riders race at 33 kilometers per hour towards Paris.

Tour de France 21 minutes ago

"It is a good sprint opportunity and I would very much like to win it", says Cees Bol at the



"I feel relatively good, but it's hard to say what the sprinters legs are like. We haven't done that much in recent days. It will be difficult. There are few secrets on the Champs-Élysées. Most riders have here. we have ridden it before and everyone knows the course. We have to make a good train and then start a long and tough sprint.

Tour de France 28 minutes ago

Another 82 km

- Nothing happens in the race.

The peloton is struggling at a snail's pace towards Paris.

Tour de France 35 minutes ago

"As I said yesterday: I really gave everything during that time trial", Roglic looks back on yesterday's stage.

"The best rider has won. I have always dreamed of winning the Tour de France, but it cannot be this year. We showed great races and in the end I finish second. That is also an achievement and there I am I'm proud of it. "

35 minutes ago

Tour de France 40 minutes ago

Tadej Pogacar (21) is the youngest post-war rider in the Tour de France to win three stages.

Tour de Franceone hour ago

Another 100 km

- The peloton increases the pace slightly.

Where the average used to not exceed 20 kilometers per hour, the riders now drive at 24 kilometers per hour towards Paris.

Tour de Franceone hour ago

"Things are now going well", says Jumbo-Visma director Richard Plugge.

"But yesterday we were all very disappointed and astonished. We did not expect this. It is a huge deception because we thought that the lead would be big enough. I was in the car with Primoz for a long time after the time trial. It was mainly very quiet. After a few hours we tried to see where it went wrong. Primoz drove a great time trial, until he was told that it was not going to work. "

Tour de Franceone hour ago

A nice moment.

Tadej Pogacar is congratulated by his Slovenian countryman Primoz Roglic, who seemed to win the Tour until yesterday's time trial.

Tour de Franceone hour ago

110 km to go

- Slowly the pace is slightly increased.

The 2020 Tour de France will still take more than 100 kilometers.

an hour ago

Tour de Franceone hour ago

For Mads Pedersen it is the last time this year that he is allowed to ride in the rainbow jersey.

Next week the World Championships cycling is on the program.

# TDF2020 - Last day in rainbow for Pedersen, talking with Pogacar.


Avatar Author La Flamme Rouge Moment of places 16: 22 - 20 September 2020

Tour de France 2 hours ago

122 km to go

- The first photo moments are already behind us.

The riders come out of neutralization and have officially started the last stage of the 2020 Tour.

Tour de France 2 hours ago

122 km to go

- Today's stage is the shortest stage of this Tour, with the exception of yesterday's time trial.

In the past three editions there have always been one or two stages that were even shorter than the final stage.

Tour de France 2 hours ago

A deserved and sporty pat on the back for Pogacar from his fellow countryman who was still in yellow until yesterday.


Roglic pats his fellow countryman Pogacar on the back


Avatar Author Sporza 🚴Moment of places16: 01 - September 20, 2020

Tour de France 2 hours ago

There are the first meters of Tadej Pogacar in the yellow jersey.


# TDF2020 First pedal strokes in yellow.

@TamauPogi 💛 #UAETeamEmirates #RideTogether


Author @ UAE-TeamEmiratesMoment of places15: 57 - September 20, 2020

2 hours ago

Tour de France 2 hours ago

122 km to go

- The riders have now started and are starting the neutral first part of this last Tour stage of 2020.

Tour de France 2 hours ago

Meanwhile, Paris seems ready to receive the Tour tonight.

The start in Mantes-la-Jolie will soon be at 4 pm;

the expected arrival in the French capital is around 7 pm.

👋 Hello Paris!

# TDF2020 #TDFunited


AuthorTour de France ™ Moment of places13: 16 - 20 September 2020

Tour de France 3 hours ago

From 4 p.m. it is time for the last stage of this year's Tour.

An overview of this stage.


🚩 Mantes-la-Jolie - Paris Champs-Élysées 🏁📏 122 km Check out the 3D route of stage 21 of Tour de France 2020! 🎬 Découvrez le profil 3D de la dernière étape du Tour de France 2020!

# TDF2020 #TDFunited


AuthorTour de France ™ Moment of places14: 20 - 20 September 2020

Tour de France 5 hours ago

'Zoetemelk in hospital in Paris after collision'



reports that Joop Zoetemelk was hit by a car in Paris earlier today.

The 73-year-old former Tour winner was on a bicycle himself and was transported to hospital by helicopter with several fractures.

According to his family, he is conscious.

Zoetemelk is in Paris because he would be present at the finish of the Tour de France, which he won himself in 1980.

In his illustrious career, De Hagenaar also won the Tour of Spain (1979) and the World Championship on the road (1985).

Tour de France 6 hours ago

Tadej Pogacar took over the yellow jersey from Primoz Roglic on the penultimate day in the Tour de France.

In Komenda, the rider's home village in Slovenia, the residents took to the streets on Saturday.

Home village Pogacar celebrates: 'sorry for Roglic'

6 hours ago

Tour de France8 hours ago

A yellow roundabout near of Pogacars house in Slovenia.

Meanwhile 2km from Pogacar's home in Slovenia: Roundabout turned completely yellow 🟡 (📸 by LFR follower)


Avatar Author La Flamme Rouge Moment of places 09: 20 - 20 September 2020

Tour de France 9 hours ago

Today's stage will start a lot later than previous stages.

The start in Mantes-la-Jolie is not until 4 p.m., after which the riders will finish around 7 p.m. on the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

The stage covers 122 kilometers.

Tour de France 9 hours ago

Tadej Pogacar took over the yellow jersey from Primoz Roglic on the penultimate day in the Tour de France.

The Slovenian from Jumbo-Visma drove, partly due to his dominant team, controlling his Tour, but was that the right choice afterwards? reporter Daan de Ridder tells in conversation with presenter Bas Scharwachter why this is or is not the case.

Tour day 21: Were Jumbo-Visma tactics disastrous for Roglic's overall victory?

Tour de France 9 hours ago

Reaction Pogacar after time trial

"I only knew that I had won the Tour when I saw Roglic's time at the finish", said Pogacar yesterday, who was already congratulated during his first interview by his disappointed fellow countryman.

"Primoz was the best rider on this Tour. He and his team did a fantastic job. I have so much respect for Primoz and I know how disappointed he must be. But this is part of racing. We are all trying to win, even from friends. "

Tour de France 9 hours ago

Last Tour stage

This afternoon is the start of the last Tour stage.

The battle for the overall victory seemed decided for the time trial yesterday, but in the Vosges Tadej Pogacar broke the yellow dream of Jumbo-Visma and Primoz Roglic into a thousand pieces.

An unleashed Pogacar raced the 36.2 kilometers in 55 minutes and 55 seconds, which made him a whopping 1 minute and 56 seconds faster than Roglic.

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