China News Service, September 20. The first round of the 2020 Chinese Football Association Cup will usher in the second match day on the 19th. After four fierce competitions, four Chinese Super League teams, Tianjin Teda, Wuhan Zall, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan, Shanghai SIPG defeated their respective opponents, joined hands with Guangzhou R&F, Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao, Jiangsu Suning Tesco, and Shandong Luneng Taishan that won yesterday to advance to the top 16 of the FA Cup.

  In the 4 duels that day, TEDA and Yongchang took the lead.

It is worth mentioning that the two teams just met in the Super League three days ago.

In this campaign, both sides made extensive rotation adjustments. Both teams were challenged by the all-China class, and neither of the two teams entered the competition roster.

For TEDA, Xie Weijun and Xiao Zhi led the team's striker; for Yongchang, three U23 players and one U21 player started the game, namely Chen Pu, Deng Yubiao, Zhong Jiyu and Sun Xuelong (U21).

  At the beginning of the game, the two teams showed high-intensity confrontation, which also reflected the desire of both sides to win the game.

In the 22nd minute, TEDA made a pass from the side. Xie Wei’s pressure in the penalty area caused Chen Zeng’s handball foul. The referee signaled a penalty after watching VAR. Although Xiao Zhi’s penalty kick was thrown by goalkeeper Han Feng, he still failed to stop the ball. After entering the network, TEDA will move first.

In the 62nd minute, Su Yuanjie made a straight pass on the left side of the penalty area. After receiving the ball, Park Taoyu made a small angle shot to complete the goal, helping the team make another victory.

In the end, TEDA defeated his opponent 2:0 to advance.

  Today’s second FA Cup match was played at the Suzhou Olympic Sports Center in the evening, with Zall playing against China.

In terms of the starting lineup, Zall played in the entire Chinese class, while China Xia was led by foreign aid Toure.

In the regular time, Toure opened the record for China, and Zhao Yuhao's own goal made the team's lead no longer exist.

Within 90 minutes, the two sides reached a 1:1 tie.

  The game entered a brutal penalty shootout.

In China, Paulinho and Rosenwen’s penalties were saved by Sun Shoubo; and the penalty kick of Yao Hanlin, the first penalty player of Zall, was also saved, but the referee signaled the goalkeeper to move ahead of time, the penalty kick was heavy, and he took the penalty again. The penalty kicker Yao Hanlin seized the opportunity to make a free kick. Although Chi Wenyi then saved Chen Gao's penalty, with Zhou Tong, who took the fifth penalty kick, Zall finally scored 4: 3 won this stale penalty shootout and beat Hebei China Fortune 5:4 with a total score of 5:4.

  The two games in the evening were the highlight, Beijing Guoan beat Qingdao Huanghai Qinggang 2:1 without any risk.

In terms of starting lineup, Alan and Wang Ziming lead the Guoan striker, and Fernando sits in the middle.

Qingdao was led by Cleo's single arrow, and Wang Dong started the battle.

  In the 31st minute, goalkeeper Zou Dehai made a low-level error. Qingdao got a penalty kick. Cleo's penalty kick deceived the goalkeeper into the net easily. Qingdao Guoan 1:0.

In stoppage time in the first half, Guoan players kicked the goal from the front of the penalty area. Jiang Weipeng accidentally took a handball in the penalty area. The referee signaled a penalty kick. After Zhao Shi saved the penalty kick from Alan, he quickly followed up and shot successfully. To help the team equalize the score, Guoan 1:1 Qingdao.

  In the 69th minute, after Kim Tae-yeon broke into the penalty area, he smashed the ball and got rid of the defensive player. Then he made a pass from the bottom. Alango, who was on the other side, jumped up and scored a goal with a header to score twice, helping the team Overtake the score.

In stoppage time, Jin Pengxiang sent a foul in the penalty area, and Cleo took a penalty kick and was resolved by Zou Dehai bravely, missing an equal opportunity.

Guoan also struggled to get a 2:1 victory and advanced to the second round of the FA Cup.

  Kunshan Sports Center, Shanghai SIPG vs. Chongqing Modern.

The last time the two sides fought in the FA Cup dates back to 7 years ago, when SIPG defeated Chongqing on a penalty kick and successfully advanced.

In this game, SIPG is obviously well-prepared, Oscar and Lopez will start the game, and the team will be all the main players.

Chongqing has carried out a large-scale rotation, and only Marcinho was the first foreign aid.

  In the 34th minute, Oscar strode forward after receiving a pass from his teammate, broke into the penalty area and volleyed the goal.

In stoppage time in the first half, SIPG took a left corner kick, and Yu Hai, who was in the middle, ran back and got rid of the defender and scored with a header.

At halftime, SIPG has already held a two-goal lead.

  Yi Bian suddenly changed the battlefield.

In the 52nd minute, Marcinho drove through the penalty area alone, and shot at the goalkeeper calmly after a few people to help the team get a point.

Just one minute later, the Chongqing midfielder made a long pass and Dong Honglin directly shot forward and shot a flying fairy to help the team equalize the score.

From great joy to great compassion, SIPG has not been too flustered.

In the 74th minute, SIPG took a right corner kick and Li Shenglong nodded and scored to help the team lead again.

In the end, SIPG defeated Chongqing 3:2 and advanced to the second round of the FA Cup as expected.

  According to the competition rules, the eight Chinese Super League teams that won the first round of the Football Association Cup will participate in the second round on November 26, and will face the top eight teams in the Chinese League. The winner will enter the next round of the quarter-finals.

This year's Football Association Cup, except for the fourth round of the semi-finals, which is a two-round competition, all other rounds are single-game elimination systems. The finals are scheduled to be held on December 19.