At the end of a sensational penultimate stage of the Tour de France, the Slovenian Tadej Pogacar donned the yellow jersey.

Primoz Roglic, the previous holder of the tunic and great defeated of the day, could not do anything against his compatriot.

But whatever the order, there will be two Slovenes on the highest steps of the podium for this 2020 edition.


An incredible reversal of the situation on the Tour de France!

Slovenian Tadej Pogacar, second before the start of the penultimate stage on Saturday, won after an individual time trial mastered from start to finish.

He also took the yellow jersey ... worn until then by his compatriot Primoz Roglic.

The young Slovenian, who will turn 22 on Monday, will be officially crowned the winner of the Tour on Sunday at the Champs-Elysées, during the final stage which looks more like a parade.


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Slovenia shines on this 2020 edition of the Tour de France and the fans burst into their joy at the end of the stage with cries, horns and even smoke!

Even in the native village of Primoz Roglic, who sees his dream of victory slip away, the atmosphere has been incredible throughout the afternoon.

All Slovenians salute Tadej Pogacar's exceptional performance, putting aside any rivalry between the two riders. 

"I am so proud of them"

Finally, whatever the order, there will be two Slovenes on Sunday on the highest steps of the Tour de France podium.

"It's incredible, sensational, what they have just done", moved a Slovenian who did not lose anything from the penultimate stage, "I am so proud of both, I have the flesh of chicken".

"Congratulations to these two, they are incredible, they are the masters of the world by bike", adds this fan who followed the stage from Trbovlje, the birthplace of Primoz Roglic, the beaten of the day.

On the spot, a Roglic supporter also recognizes a certain disappointment but, after all, "the yellow jersey remains in Slovenia".

For the first time, Sunday, the Slovenian anthem will resound on the Champs-Elysées, where Tadej Pogacar will be crowned winner of the Tour de France, the youngest in the history of the competition since the end of the Second World War.