The ongoing panedmin has, of course, spoiled the normal orienteering season.

But Friday to Sunday, the Swedish Championships will be decided on medium and long distances in the forests outside Gothenburg.

SVT Sport broadcasts and it will be more prestige than during a normal Swedish Championship weekend, for Tove Alexandersson, Gustav Bergman and other big runners.

- It is eleven months since it was last a really big competition so it will be exciting to see where the runners stand, says Troeng, who comments on the competitions together with Jacob Hård.

"Quite open on the men's side"

- It is important to show up for upcoming national team assignments.

It will be a big reason why we can expect good competitions.

A lot is at stake.

There is no doubt about who is most hunted:

- It's Tove and Gustav, of course.

They have three times as many Swedish Championship golds as the rest of the starting field together.

But there are good names that challenge, it is quite open especially on the men's side.

That's why it's getting exciting.

And there will be good conditions, says Mats Troeng.

Of the big names, only Karolin Ohlsson is missing, after having surgery on one heel.

The Swedish Championships begin with qualifiers on Friday and SVT broadcasts the finals on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

The expert's pre-selection


Tove Alexandersson, 28, Stora Tuna OK.

“Obviously the big favorite.

Our biggest star. ”

Lina Strand, 31, Gothenburg-Majorna OK.

“World Cup runner-up after Tove last year.

Experienced and knows the terrain around Gothenburg. ”

Sara Hagström, 25, IFK Gothenburg.

"Upward trend.

The youngest of the favorites and she also knows the forests of Gothenburg. ”

Sanna Fasth, 22, Eksjö SOK.

“Outsider, one of the new and young.

If Sanna does that, she can challenge for the medals.

May be uneven. ” 


Gustav Bergman, 29, OK Ravinen.

“Main favorite.

Runs as fast in forests as on country roads, makes quick decisions and has a very good technique.

Big favorite. ”

Martin Regborn, 27, Hagaby GoIF.

“Expected to be in good shape.

Accurate and has good basic physics.

One of seven, eight who seriously challenge Bergman. ”

Isac von Krusenstierna, 22, OK Kåre.

“Only 22 years old but has a huge potential.

One of many younger talents.

Strong runner but can make simple mistakes. ”  

REPORTAGE: Tove Alexandersson at training camp in Vålådalen (July 8, 2020)

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