There was no talk about the matter initially between Luleå and Färjestad, it was the series winner from last year who had decided to get three points from the premiere.

In the first period, Luleå went from 2-0 through goals by Victor Berglund and Niklas Olausson, but it could have been more than that.

Luleå won the shots with the whole 19-9, and Arvid Holm was sweaty in the FBK box.

The second period became somewhat smoother.

But it was only Luleå who would get a puck in goal when Petter Emanuelsson made it 3-0 in game five against three.

The lead stood in the third period.

But then Färjestad woke up, and made the match exciting.

The visitors took the game completely in the third, and finally got a hole on David Rautio through a lucky bounce from Daniel Viksten who sought a pass in front of goal but hit a defender instead.

With five minutes left, another reduction came when three Karlstad boys collaborated.

Gustav Rydahl to Oskar Bäck who with the puck behind the extended goal line found Albert Johansson who stepped forward from back position and shot in 2-3.

With three minutes left, Färjestad took a chance and took out the goalkeeper, but then the nail came in the coffin when Karl Fabricius from his own zone put 4-2.