Angels Pooh Halls 662 home runs in total ranked 5th in history on September 19th at 14:51

Albert Pujols of the Major League Baseball Angels hit two home runs against the Rangers on the 18th, bringing the total number of home runs to 662, and ranked fifth in history alone.

Shohei Ohtani and his teammate Pooh Halls participated in the Rangers game on the 18th in Anaheim as the 5th designated hitter.

Pooh Halls hit No. 5 solo home run this season in the 5th inning, and hit No. 6 solo in the 7th inning, which is a two-bat consecutive home run.

So far, Pooh Halls has 660 home runs in total and is in line with Willie Mays, who is in 5th place in history, but by adding 2 of that day to 662 in total, he is in 5th place in history alone.

Pooh Halls is 40 years old from the Dominican Republic.

After making his debut in 2001 with Cardinals, he has batting average of 30%, 30 home runs, and more than 100 RBIs for 10 consecutive years.

He has been playing for the Angels since 2012, and has hit 3235 in total and has scored 2099 RBIs in the second place in the history of Major League Baseball.

In addition, Otani did not participate in this match, and he missed five games in a row.

Angels wins 6-2 and wins two straight games.