Good afternoon and welcome to our live blog about the European Championship qualifying match between the Orange women and Russia.

In this live blog we will keep you informed of the developments in the competition.

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Live: Watch the European Championship qualifying match of the Orange Women against Russia

Russia-Netherlands a few seconds ago

The advantage of the Orange Women is deserved.

The Netherlands has more of the ball and is often found on half of the Russians.

That already resulted in a goal and a ball on the crossbar.

Russia-Netherlands 2 minutes ago

15 'GOAL Orange women! 


After fifteen minutes it hit!

Van de Donk takes the corner briefly with Jill Roord, who then comes in from the left and curls the ball beautifully into the far corner.

2 minutes ago

Russia-Netherlands 9 minutes ago

Lineth Beerensteyn plays as right back today.

That is striking, because of course we mainly know her as a striker.

Russia-Netherlands 15 minutes ago

2 ' 


 The first chance of the game is for the Netherlands.

Daniƫlle van de Donk comes in front of her opponent after a cross from the right and heads on the crossbar.

Russia-Netherlands 17 minutes ago

1 'The ball is rolling! 

The seventh European Championship qualifying match of the Orange Women has started.

Russia is the opponent in Moscow.

It is the match between the number two and the leader of the group.

Russia-Netherlands 21 minutes ago

The Orange women enter the field in Moscow.

The stadium is empty, as is known.

21 minutes ago

Russia-Netherlands 27 minutes ago

The Orange Women have won all their qualifying matches so far.

These were the results:

  • Netherlands-Slovenia 4-1

  • Turkey-Netherlands 0-8

  • Netherlands-Russia 2-0

  • Slovenia-Netherlands 2-4

  • Netherlands-Turkey 3-0

  • Estonia-Netherlands 0-7

Russia-Netherlands 33 minutes ago

The position in the group of Orange:

  • Netherlands 6-



  • Russia 4-



  • Slovenia 6-



  • Kosovo 5-



  • Estonia 4-



  • Turkey 5-



  • Number one and best three numbers two to European Championship.

    Other six numbers two to play-offs.

    Russia-Netherlands 42 minutes ago

    And here we also have the position of Russia:

    šŸ“„ |

    EscalaĆ§Ć£oJogando no 4-3-3, nossas meninas vĆ£o para cima das russas.A Ćŗnica novidade Ć© Aniek Nouwen na defesa.No trio de ataque, Van de Sanden, Miedema e Martens formam o trio que assombrou a Europa.

    #RUSNED #AllforOrange


    Author SeleĆ§Ć£o da Holanda šŸ‡³šŸ‡±Moment of places15: 18 - 18 September 2020

    Russia-Netherlands 43 minutes ago

    This is the position of the Orange Women on paper:

    The setup!

    šŸ¦Watch the match live on SBS 9 from 3:45 PM!

    #RUSNED #AllforOrange


    Avatar AuthorOranjeLeeuwinnenMoment of places14: 45 - September 18, 2020

    Russia-Netherlands one hour ago

    Few surprises in line-up Orange Women National

    coach Sarina Wiegman will send the strongest possible line-up into the field in more than an hour for the European Championship qualifying match against Russia.

    Only record international Sherida Spitse is not there: she was not allowed to go to Russia from her club Valerenga. 


    Van Veenendaal;

    Janssen, Nouwen, Van der Gragt, Beerensteyn;

    Van de Donk, Greens, Roord;

    Martens, Miedema, Van de Sanden.

    an hour ago

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