Victor Hedman has equalized in two straight games in the semifinal series against the New York Islanders.

The Islanders first won, but tonight Anthony Cirelli shot Tampa Bay to the Stanley Cup final against the Dallas Stars.

- We are in the final.

We have a lot of energy.

We are very eager.

It is not now that you should feel how you feel.

It's now you just drive.

It is important to empty the tank, Hedman tells after tonight's victory.

Tonight's goal was Hedman's ninth in this playoff and with that he is shared second in the playoffs' goal.

Leading by ten is Bo Horvat, who plays in the already eliminated Vancouver Canucks.

But that is not the most impressive thing about Hedman's goal harvest.

He is shared third among slopes through all time and it is purely legends he is surrounded by on the top list.

With tonight's goals, he goes up alongside Bobby Orr (1970) and Brad Park (1978).

The Swede has two goals up to Brian Leetch in second place and three to Paul Coffey who is the best of all time with twelve goals in the 1985 playoffs.

- He steps forward in the important positions now in the playoffs, says Killorn.

Hedman also broke a record last night.

Of the backs, only Coffey has scored nine goals in a playoff before the final has even begun.

Coffey played for Wayne Gretzky's Edmonton Oilers who won the 1985 Stanley Cup.

CLIP: Tampa Bay to Stanley Cup Final

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Tampa Bay to the Stanley Cup Final.

Photo: TT News Agency