August 2014

and after the controversial racist who starred owner

Donald Sterling


Steve Ballmer

took over

Los Angeles Clippers


2,000 million dollars

, the second most expensive purchase in the history of American sports.

Only surpassed by the 2,150 million that had been paid by the

Los Angeles Dodgers

for baseball in 2011. The Clippers' was an expensive acquisition for the time considering that the

Milwaukee Bucks

, now one of the best teams in the NBA, were sold for

550 million

at the beginning of that 2014, but Ballmer, former

CEO of Microsoft

, he was convinced of what he was doing.


It is not cheap

, but there is a huge growth opportunity," he explained.

The Clippers, who had

Chris Paul and Blake Griffin

as stars, had just lost in the conference semifinals against

Kevin Durant's Thunder

and were the first basketball power in the city.

The Lakers, the great team of


, then faced a deep reconstruction that would leave them six years without Playoffs.

It was finally time for the little brother from Los Angeles.

The brother who had never achieved anything.

And Ballmer knew it.

But that opportunity turned into

need and pressure


In the burden of an organization with

50 years of history


had never set foot in a final

(a record in North American sports) and that grew up in the shadow of the Lakers.

Bad luck, injuries, parts shortages at certain times and the rise of the

Warriors or Rockets

have doomed the Clippers for the past five years.

They still did not step on a final.

However, in the summer of 2019 something changed.

The management of the franchise managed to convince

Kawhi Leonard

, who was a free agent after becoming champion with the Raptors, and managed to transfer

Paul George


The recent Finals MVP and one of the best defenders in the league.

And most importantly,

two of the superstars who had sounded loud to reinforce the Lakers

had ended up in the other dressing room at Staples Center.

Summer victory and a historic hit.

The Clippers were, finally, in the first echelon of favorites to win the ring and the franchise had revalued to 2.6 billion (still 2,000 of the Lakers),

sixth highest figure in the league.

In addition, in March of this year

Ballmer acquired for 400 million the famous The Forum in Inglewood

, the home where the Lakers won five titles between 1967 and 1999 before sharing headquarters with the Clippers at Staples.

Her or his promise?

Turning into a 'clipper' what was once purple and gold


A year later, that triumph in the market has left them tails on the track.

While the Lakers calmly navigate the other side of the

Western Conference


, the Clippers, on paper the best squad in the championship and one of the most talented has accumulated in recent times, have been shamefully shipwrecked against the

Denver Nikola Jokic's Nuggets


They dominated the tie 3-1 and have been traced back to 3-4 despite having advantages of 15 and 20 points in the fifth and sixth games.

Another incentive to that '

black legend' that


them away from the final every year

and that keeps them as a 'losing franchise' for another summer.

In Game 7 (89-104), Leonard and George, who have mortgaged most of their draft picks for the next six years, scored 24 points in total (14 and 10), on a night to forget for their coach,

Doc Rivers, who is the only manager in league history to lose three playoff ties after leading 3-1


"We didn't feel like this was the year for the championship. We've only been together for a short time," George explained.


LeBron James

smiles at the hotel.

His fourth ring is closer.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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