Representatives of Emirati football have hopes of qualifying in the AFC Champions League

The experience of Al-Ahly youth and Al-Ain is stronger than Corona ... and Sharjah lost with fatal errors

Laba Kodjo provided a distinguished level against Al Sadd and scored the first goal.


The Al-Ahly and Al-Ain youth teams succeeded in dealing with the third round of the AFC Champions League football currently being held in Qatar, despite the long hiatus of about six months in which they did not play any official matches due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, as they worked silently in a closed preparation period and approved On the experience of the players, and playing with the tools they possess, far from concluding big deals, and in return, Sharjah lost in the first official appearance after "Corona" due to defensive mistakes and poor experience in dealing with the tournament.

After the withdrawal of the unit due to the infection of a number of its players with the Corona virus, the three representatives of Emirati football scored four points out of nine, with Shabab Al-Ahly's victory over Iranian Shaher with a clean goal, Al-Ain tied 3-3, and Sharjah's loss from Al-Duhail, Qatar 1-2.

The opportunity of Shabab Al-Ahly seems within reach if it succeeds in repeating its victory over Shahir Khodro of Iran in the second group, because it will reach the sixth point, while Al-Ain has one point in the fourth group, which is the same balance of Sharjah in the third group.

For his part, the technical analyst and former manager of Al-Nasr team, Khaled Obaid, confirmed that Al Ain and Al-Ahly teams have succeeded with distinction in preparation and preparation during the last period, while Sharjah had the tools but did not succeed in dealing with the current situation.

He told «Emirates Today»: «We have not heard much about Al Ain and Al Ahly youth during the past period, or about the conclusion of many or influential contracts and the two teams’ reliance on a group of sufficient experience to deal with an exceptional and difficult season for all teams, so they succeeded in achieving what they wanted and appeared well. And they knew managing the long hiatus that had hurt all the teams, so they worked on the internal preparation to succeed in the end, and I expect the two teams to continue to provide the same level throughout the championship matches, which is strong friction.

He added: "The emergence of Al-Ahly and Al-Ain youth was distinguished, and I was not surprised by their level of work with intelligence and sophistication and by dealing with experience before anything else, and both teams have a large selection of national team players, and therefore they have previous experience in dealing with combined tournaments."

In turn, the former media coordinator for Al Wasl club, Adel Darwish, said: “The levels of the Emirati clubs in the third round after (Covid-19) were uneven, some of which carried high motives, such as Al-Ahly and Al-Ain Youth, despite the difficulties of the preparation period and the lack of sufficient fitness for matches, while Sharjah stood He was somewhat unable to do anything, and stopped from where he ended up before the pandemic, so the changes did not bring the desired technical breakthrough.

He added: “Sharjah, despite its possession of good tools at the level of players, whether from locals or citizens, did not translate this into a qualitative improvement in the form and performance of the team, and that is borne by Captain Abdulaziz Al-Anbari, who failed to properly invest these tools, and he is required to stay away from the cylinder. Broken down where the same ideas, and repeated mistakes ».

Kudjo: In soccer, anything is possible

Al-Ain scorer, Togolese Laba Kodjo, winner of the best player award in the Al-Sadd match (3-3), said: “I said it before. Our mission is difficult, but we will fight to the end and in football everything is possible,” referring to the possibility of qualifying for the second round.

He added, "We have shown the fighting spirit, desire and seriousness in pursuit of a positive result."

Emirati teams ranking

the second group

Al-Hilal: 9 points

Pakhtakor 6

Shabab Al-Ahly 3

Shaher Safar

The third group

Taawon 6

Duhail 6

Persepolis 4

Sharjah 1

Fourth group

Victory 7

Dam 5

Sepahan 3

Al Ain 1

Fourth round matches


Shabab Al-Ahly - Shaher 19:00


Sharjah - Al Duhail 19:00

Al Ain - Al Sadd 19:00

Al Ain Coach: We have to be happy

Al Ain coach, Pedro Emmanuel, said: “We have to be happy with the level that the team’s players showed during the two halves, as they showed better performance with a fighting spirit and seriousness. We did not start with all our strength in the second half and we tried to control the course of the game because the opponent fought 10 official confrontations before Today's confrontation, we made some changes and we were looking forward to reaping the three points and we won a point, and it was possible to get out of the match with the three points, but the point is important to us, especially that the team is not fully prepared.

Dubai Knights and Al Zaeem worked silently during a closed preparation period, relying on the players' experience, and playing with their tools away from concluding big deals.

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