30-year-old Hynne crossed the finish line at 1.58.10 in Bellinzona in the eleventh hour of the season.

- Today I was the hunting wolf.

I had a good race last week and was very aware that I could run faster, says Hynne to NRK.

Last week she ran 1.59.15 and improved Ingvill Måkestad Bovim's ten year old Norwegian record.

A week ago, Hyne's personal record was 1.59.87 and now she has in a short time lowered 1.77 - which is a very large margin on the distance.

With several of the best runners removed after too high testosterone levels, the road is open for Hynne before, among other things, the European Championships and the Olympics next year.

The race redesigned the world best list

- If you remove Caster Semenya and two of the others who are suspended with too high testosterone levels, this is an international top result, says the expert Vebjörn Rodal, Olympic gold medalist at the distance in Atlanta in 1996.

The race in Bellinzona redesigned the world best list.

Second in the race, Selina Büchel, 1.58.37 and third Lore Hoffmann, 1.58.50, are also second and third on the list.

They both ran at home. 

Last year, Hynnes' 1.58.10 was enough for the sixth best time in the world.

With Semenya (1.54.98) removed, the American Ajee Wilson had the best time with 1.57.72.

Yesterday, Hanna Hermansson recorded the Swedish best of the year with being second in Zagreb at 2.02.66.