Memphis Depay, announced in Barcelona, ​​is still an OL player.


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Montpellier lost 2-1 to Montpellier in a late match and missed the opportunity to take the lead in Ligue 1 after three days.

Coach Rudi Garcia made the decision to skip the kickoff of Memphis Depay and Moussa Dembélé, a first since the arrival of the two attackers at OL.

A choice justified by the need to run with the succession of matches at the start of the season, while transfer rumors rustle around the two men, especially the Dutchman.

Since 2018, since they wear the same jersey in Ligue 1, Depay and Dembele had never sat together on the substitutes' bench at the start of a match before entering the game. Rudi Garcia had announced his "desire to preserve the workforce with the succession of matches", he put it into practice in Montpellier (where OL were beaten 2-1) with his two flagship attackers.

But perhaps we should see something else, linked to their situation.

While the Dutchman is already sent to Barça by the Batavian daily

De Telegraaf

, the whirlwind of rumors surrounding them is not conducive to serenity.

Juninho: "we did not receive anything for Memphis"

The entry of Depay did good for OL, with a fourth goal in three games, again from a penalty.

A serenity that missed Aouar, who would also be very coveted, author of a poorly controlled gesture on the shin Fouquet and expelled after 44 minutes.

Memphis kost Barcelona 30 miljoen euro |

Voetbal | @ol @Le_Progres The president of Barça told me on Sunday that Barça was suffering a lot from the Covid crisis and had no possibility of making an offer. # memphis https : //

- Jean-Michel AULAS (@JM_Aulas) September 15, 2020

“I don't think it's because we shot that we lost.

The players have to accept that it is necessary to rotate from time to time.

It is logical because in three days, there is another match (the reception of Nîmes), explains the sporting director Juninho, according to which the transfer market remains flat at OL for its star players.

“We did not receive anything for Houssein (Aouar), nothing received for Memphis (Depay).

Not even a call to find out how much the transfer could cost ”.

Barcelona can't afford it, Aulas says

During the day, in response to information from Telegraaf, Jean-Michel Aulas spoke on Twitter: "the president of Barça told me on Sunday that Barça was suffering a lot from the Covid crisis and had no possibility to make an offer ”.


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