Data map: Jeremy Lin photo by Wei Liang

  On September 15th, the client of, Jeremy Lin announced on his personal social media that he would not return to the Beijing Shougang men's basketball team in the new season.

Subsequently, Beijing Shougang also confirmed the matter through its official Weibo and wished Jeremy Lin continue to pursue his dream in the NBA.

  Jeremy Lin said in the video: "I will not go back to Shougang to play this year. This is really the hardest decision in my life. It took me four weeks (to make a decision), and I could not sleep for these two or three weeks. I got up at four or five o'clock and kept thinking about it all the time."

  "Although Shougang is very, very good to me, my teammates, my coach, and President Qin. But in the end, I still feel that I have an NBA dream. I still have time to play, so I must chase it. "

Data map: Jeremy Lin at the CBA All-Star Game. Photo by China News Agency reporter Chen Jimin

  Last season, Jeremy Lin played 43 games for Beijing Shougang, averaging 32.9 minutes, contributing 22.7 points, 5.6 rebounds, 5.6 assists and 1.9 steals.

In the playoffs, Beijing Shougang lost 1:2 to the Guangdong Men's Basketball Team and missed the finals.

  Soon after Jeremy Lin announced the video, the Beijing Shougang men's basketball team also posted a message on Weibo to send him blessings.

The full text is as follows:

  A year is very short, so short that you can say goodbye before you have time to remember; a year is so long, so long that the long memories of getting along with each other like pearls are burned in our hearts.

Unfortunately, I still have to solemnly tell everyone that Jeremy Lin, our hero, will not be a foreign aid for the Beijing Shougang men's basketball team in the CBA competition in the new season.

  Since the offseason, the Beijing Shougang Basketball Club has maintained good communication with Jeremy Lin and his team, and sincerely invites Jeremy Lin to continue the battle together, and reached a consensus on the renewal contract on the premise that Jeremy Lin returns to the CBA.

After repeated deliberation, Jeremy Lin made a difficult decision: he hopes to try to return to the NBA again, and fight for his most persistent basketball ideal in the highest basketball hall.

  The unremitting pursuit of dreams is the origin of "Lin madness" and the key point for Beijing Shougang and Jeremy Lin to join hands.

Last summer, Jeremy Lin joined Beijing Shougang and averaged 32.9 minutes per game in 43 games, contributing 22.7 points, 5.6 rebounds, 5.6 assists and 1.9 steals.

On the court, he organized the offense calmly and rationally with an excellent overall view, and led the team to victory with the performance of rushing to the basket again and again; on the sidelines, his interaction with his teammates and fans is a warm landscape; off the court, He actively devoted himself to public welfare and dared to speak up. During the epidemic and in the "Three Distractions" public welfare project, Jeremy Lin personally and his team made a lot of donations.

As an athlete, his pursuit and spirit are worthy of all respect.

  This year, we have experienced every moment of every game together. We shared the joy of victory and the loneliness of defeat. We shared the love and courage that came from the fans and from each other.

The fans did not hesitate to all the applause and cheers. The brothers of the team not only supported each other with Jeremy Lin, but also partners who can travel together in private and treat each other frankly. Jeremy Lin and Beijing Shougang have become a family.

  Because of this, the two sides have always maintained the vision of being able to work together again in the new season, but we can also understand and respect Jeremy Lin’s final decision, and respect for an athlete who never gave up every minute and every second of his career, at all costs Pursuing the highest ideals-he perfectly interprets the "higher, faster and stronger" sportsmanship.

  At the same time, this is also the eternal creed of the Beijing Shougang Basketball Club. We will continue to move forward with the spirit of Beijing Shougang!

  May the future be bright, may donate without merit, and may dream catchers will eventually reap!

Goodbye Brother Hao, and look forward to having the opportunity to continue our relationship, we will always be one family!