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professional basketball cup competition will start this Sunday, and DB and SK, who were tied for first place last season, which ended early due to Corona 19, predicted a pride fight this time, saying that they will cover the sure supreme.

This is reporter Lee Jeong-chan.

<Reporter> When

SK and DB, who were tied for the first place in history due to the early end of the league in history, belonged to the same group as fate in the cup tournament,

[Moderator: A group including two teams from last season was completed.

It's a joke of death.]

Both teams


saying it was the long-awaited



[Director Sang-beom Lee/DB: We will do our best to have a fun, fun, and good match because they are the teams we have to stick with during the season anyway.]

[Director Moon Kyung-eun/SK: Although my body is hesitant, I do my best to succeed as a box office competition before the regular league. I'll do it.

] While

E-Land is in a group with DB and SK for a tough fight over the only one ticket for the quarterfinals, the forward of the managing director Hyo-geun Jung, returning to E-Land in January of next year, threw a challenge to Master Tiger.

[Jeong Hyo-geun/Director Forward: If I meet E-Land, I want to beat

manager Yoo-Hoon

rather than what kind of player I want to win.]

[Yoo Do-hoon/E-Land Manager: It's a story to come up.]

The first cup tournament held in professional basketball will quench the thirst of basketball fans with the early end of the league and the cancellation of summer matches, and will serve as a welcome to the new season's box office opening next month.