The hottest sport in the world is called Armand Duplantis and when he does not do power jumps over a magical six meters, he signs a sponsorship contract in a size no other Swedish athlete has been around.

This afternoon, a new big competition awaits in Berlin and SVT broadcasts from 16.30.

It's no secret that Duplantis wants high, maybe higher than anyone else before, outdoors.

- Armand has had a blowtorch of 6.15 and it is clear that he wants to show everyone that he is the best of all time even outdoors, says Alhaji Jeng.

- He could certainly jump six meters in crosswinds and rain, he is so cruel.

But if he is to get up to 6.15, he must also hope for good external conditions.

"It's magical what he's doing right now."

Good weather is expected in Berlin, with 23-24 degrees hot and zero rain.

But there can be some wind, around four meters per second.

- The wind is the only small thing that can disturb him, says Jeng.

However, Berlin's Olympic Stadium is submerged and less sensitive to wind than other arenas.

As a former national team jumper in pole vault, he is enormously impressed by Duplantis.

- It's magical, what he's doing right now.

Jeng's three keys to Duplantis to cope with 6.15:


    "It was in Berlin, during the European Championships 2018, that he became" Mondo "with all the athletics values.

    That extra spark was lit there.

    And it is no wonder that Mondo likes Berlin, I myself have jumped there and it is a very special place, with a good feeling. ”


    “Sam Kendricks is included, just like all the others in the world elite.

    And it was Kendricks who recently in Lausanne forced the bar so that Mondo jumped 6.07 - the second highest ever in the outdoors.

    This duel can be important. ”


    “Yes, Duplanti's form is fantastic, he's inside the zone.

    That alone may be reason enough to believe in world records. ”

In addition to pole vault, it will be extra interesting also in the men's discus.

Daniel Ståhl is joined by Simon Pettersson, who has recently been the one in the world elite who best challenged Ståhl.

Other big names in the gala in Berlin are Karsten Warholm (400m hurdles), Johannes Vetter (javelin), Malaika Mihambo (length) and Christian Taylor (triple jump).

Around 3,500 spectators are expected for the competitions at the Olympic Stadium.

ARCHIVE: Duplantis tries at 6.15 in Brussels (September 4, 2020)

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Armand Duplantis tried for the world record outdoors in Brussels.

Photo: Bildbyrån