Neymar accused Alvaro of racism on several occasions during the match against OM.



It is a controversy that will make us the beginning of the week, and even more, if it is true.

Expelled after the general brawl at the end of the match, which saw the central referee brandishing five red cards on the fly, Neymar did not enter the locker room directly.

He headed straight for the 4th referee to complain in Spanish, and the TV cameras didn't miss a thing.

Neymar treated as a monkey by a Marseille player?


- Mathieu Géniole (@mathieuge) September 13, 2020

"He's a racist, that's why I hit him"

"Racism is no", protested the Brazilian on several occasions, before directly targeting Marseille defender Alvaro.

"He's a racist, that's why I hit him at the end."

A nasty slap on the back of the neck that seemed to hit Alvaro like a revolver bullet at close range.

Telefoot images show that the Brazilian has already revolted in the first half with the refereeing body, with the same words: “Racism, no, racism, no.

Fucking championship ”.

The words in question?

We did not hear them, even if on social networks circulated on Sunday evening the certainty that Neymar had been treated as a monkey by his opponent.

Always beside himself after the match, the Brazilian clarified his thoughts on these same networks: "The only thing that I regret is not to have broken the face of this c ..."

Único arrependimento que tenho é por não ter dado na cara desse babaca

- Neymar Jr (@neymarjr) September 13, 2020

No image proof of Neymar's accusations (yet)

Asked about the altercation at a press conference, AVa seemed embarrassed to the headlines, as if he was afraid to defend the indefensible: “I don't know, I hope nothing happened.

There is no place for that in football ”.

Leonardo, yet at the limit of political correctness on the performance of the evening referee, who had to release 14 yellow cards and five red cards, did not add boiling oil to the fire: "The television is there, there will be the images, and it will be judged ”.

The footage hasn't been released yet, but if it does, it could cost Alvaro Gonzalez dearly.


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