China News Agency, Beijing, September 13th. Beijing time on the 13th, the 2020 US Open Women's Singles final staged, the match's fourth seed Naomi Osaka reversed Azarenka 2:1 to win the championship.

This is the first time she won the US Open championship after a year. Together with the 2019 Australian Open, Naomi Osaka became the first Asian player to win a singles triple slam.

  After the restart of the world tennis tournament this season, Naomi Osaka performed strongly and remained unbeaten in all competitions.

At the Cincinnati tennis match at the end of last month, Naomi Osaka and Azarenka met in the final. Due to a left leg injury, Naomi Osaka quit the game and Azarenka won without a fight.

  Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, many celebrities missed the US Open.

However, this has also led to multiple histories in the game. For example, this is the first time in the history of the US Open that three "mother-level" players have reached the quarter-finals of women's singles, including Azarenka and Serena Williams.

In the semi-finals, the "old enemies" met again, and Azarenka won with a 2:1 reversal. This was the first time in her career that she defeated Serena Williams.

  In the first set of the final, Azarenka was the first to enter the state. The success rate of the first serve reached 94%, and the score rate of the first serve was as high as 75%. He completely controlled the game. Naomi Osaka had no chance to resist. There were 13 unforced errors. Azaren The card easily won the first set by 6:1.

  In the second set, Azarenka broke the lead and continued to lead with 2:0, and Naomi Osaka also broke serve. After the two sides stalemate to 3:3, Naomi Osaka broke again in the key seventh game, and went to 6 in 2 consecutive games. : 3 win a set.

  In the final set, Naomi Osaka had the upper hand and took the lead with 4:1. In the sixth game, Azarenka struggled to secure the serve and broke back, but Naomi Osaka seized the opportunity to win 6-3 and finally scored with a big score. 2:1 reversal to win.

  This is the third time Naomi Osaka has entered the Grand Slam finals in his career and won all of them. It is worth mentioning that the Japanese girl born in 1997 has won the Grand Slam championship for three consecutive years.

For Azarenka, the two-time Australian Open women's singles champion, this is undoubtedly a regrettable result-this is the third time she has won the US Open runner-up.

  Naomi Osaka admitted after the game that it was a difficult game.

"To be honest, I didn't enjoy this game that much, but it was also an inspiring game because I often saw Azarenka playing here when I was a kid, and I am very happy to have the opportunity to play here."

  After winning the second U.S. Open championship, Naomi Osaka officially entered the three slam club, and the world ranking will also rise to third place next week. In the current women's singles player Grand Slam rankings, Naomi Osaka went one step further, tied for fourth with Kobel, second only to Williams and Kristels. (Finish)