China News Service, September 13th. The 2020 U.S. Open Women's Singles final ended on the morning of the 13th Beijing time. No. 4 seed Naomi Osaka reversed with 1:6/6:3/6:3 and a 2:1 score. Azarenka, a "mother class", won the championship.

This is also the first time she has won the U.S. Open again after a year, and Azarenka regrettably won the second place at the U.S. Open for the third time.

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  The Japanese girl maintained an 11-game winning streak after the restart of tennis. After winning here in 2018, she won the US Open twice in three years.

In addition, including the 2019 Australian Open champions, Naomi Osaka entered the Grand Slam finals 3 times and all won the championship, and the total number of career champions reached six.

For three consecutive years, Grand Slam champions have been accounted for, and Naomi Osaka became the first Asian player to win a singles triple slam.

  In the first set, Azarenka's state was overwhelming. The first serve success rate reached 94%, and the first serve scored 75%. He completely took over the game. Naomi Osaka had no chance to resist. As a result, Azarenka played the first set 6:1.

  In the second set, Aza first broke the 2:0 lead, and Osaka also broke serve. After that, the two sides stalemate to 3:3, the key seventh game Naomi Osaka broke again, and then the next 2 games to get back one 6:3. plate.

  Naomi Osaka had the upper hand in the final set to lead 4:1. Although Azarenka struggled to secure the serve and broke back, Naomi Osaka seized the opportunity to win again at 6:3 and finally reversed and won.

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  After the game, Naomi Osaka sent a message to his opponent.

"First of all I want to congratulate Vika (Azarenka). Actually, I don’t want to play against you again in the finals (laughs). This is a very difficult game and I didn’t enjoy it that much. But at the same time it’s inspiring because I used to watch your games here when I was a kid. I am very happy to have the opportunity to play against you here. I have learned a lot, thank you!"

  When Naomi Osaka participated in this U.S. Open tournament, he brought seven different masks to himself. Each mask was named after a black man who died due to unfair treatment. "I prepared seven for this U.S. Open. There are masks with different names, but the sad thing is that seven masks are not enough. I hope to make the finals so that you can all see these masks,” Naomi Osaka explained.

"I did this to get people's attention and let everyone start discussing it."

  With her second U.S. Open champion, Naomi Osaka officially ranked among the three slam clubs, and her world ranking will also rise to third place next week.

On the current women's singles player Grand Slam rankings, she went one step further, tied for fourth with Kobel, second only to Williams and Kristels.