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Formula 1 a few seconds ago


- Pierre Gasly is the surprising dropout in Q1!

Last week's winner gets stuck in sixteenth place.

Sebastian Vettel finishes fifteenth and is released with a fright.

Max Verstappen is third in Q1, while Valtteri Bottas is fastest.

Formula 1 · 4 minutes ago

Another 1 min (Q1)

- Hamilton (second) is on the road again, while Bottas (first), Verstappen (third) and Stroll (fifth) are inside.

All other drivers are also on the road.

Formula 1 6 minutes ago

Another 5 minutes (Q1)

- There are three tenths between the P5 of Pérez and the P16 of Gasly.

In the danger zone: 

5. Pérez

6. Albon

7. Leclerc

8. Kvyat

9. Sainz

10. Ricciardo

11. Ocon

12. Giovinazzi

13. Latifi

14. Vettel

15. Norris

16. Gasly

17. Räikkönen

18. Russell

19. Grosjean

20 Magnussen

6 minutes ago

Formula 1 9 minutes ago

Bottas's 1.15.749 is a new track record.

Bottas is rapid 🚀1: 15.749s is a new track record 🥇 #TuscanGP 🇮🇹 # F1


Avatar Author Formula 1 Moment of publication 15: 10 - 12 September 2020

Formula 1 12 minutes ago

9 more minutes (Q1)

- Bottas and Hamilton both open with 1.15.7.

Verstappen concedes half a second and scores 1.16.3.

Formula 1 16 minutes ago

Another 13 minutes (Q1)

- And there is Max Verstappen!

The Dutchman sets off with the soft band.

Formula 1 18 minutes ago

The Williams drivers are the first to drive out.

Max Verstappen is still in the pits.

Green light and Quali is GO 🟢 #TuscanGP 🇮🇹 |

#WeAreWilliams 💙


Avatar Author Williams Racing Moment of places 15:00 - 12 September 2020

Formula 1 20 minutes ago

Another 18 minutes (Q1)

- Green!

Qualifying for the Grand Prix of Tuscany is underway.

20 minutes ago

Formula 1 24 minutes ago

Your live blogger on duty is looking forward to it.

The first qualifying session at Mugello is about to begin.

Getting set for qualifying.

👊 #TuscanGP 🇮🇹


Avatar Author McLaren Moment of places 14: 56 - September 12, 2020

Formula 1 28 minutes ago

It is beautiful summer weather in Florence.

Can Max Verstappen take advantage of these warm conditions?

Hotting up for qualifying 🌡 #TuscanGP 🇮🇹 # F1


Avatar Author Formula 1 Moment of publication 14: 51 - September 12, 2020

Formula 1 · 34 minutes ago

Will Max Verstappen take pole position for the first time this season at Mugello this afternoon?

  • Yes

  • No, he comes second

  • No, he comes third

  • No, he comes fourth

  • No, he comes fifth

  • No, he finishes outside the top five

Formula 1 43 minutes ago

The race management does not



track limits

at Mugello.

This is not a cut yet, but if you don't hit the curbs at all (so completely over the green), it is cut.

What Bottas is doing here also seems to cut off, but not according to the race management.

# F1


Avatar Author Joost Nederpelt Moment of places 14: 36 - September 12, 2020

Formula 1 one hour ago

Normally around this time I would write down some statistics about the qualifying results of Max Verstappen and the last pole sitters on this circuit, but that is of course not possible now.

It is the first time in Formula 1 history that the premier class of motorsport will qualify at the beautiful Mugello.

an hour ago

Formula 1 2 hours ago

All figures of the third free practice for the Grand Prix of Tuscany in a row.

🏁 FP3 Classification 🏁Less than a tenth of a second between the top three 😮 #TuscanGP 🇮🇹 # F1


Avatar Author Formula 1 Moment of publication 13: 04 - 12 September 2020

Formula 1 2 hours ago

Verstappen split Mercedes drivers in third practice at Mugello

Max Verstappen has a good dress rehearsal for the qualification of the Grand Prix of Tuscany.

The Dutchman clocked the second time in the third free practice at Mugello, one hundredth behind Valtteri Bottas.

Lewis Hamilton follows in third place and concedes a tenth to his teammate's time.

In that respect, it promises to be an exciting qualifying session this afternoon at 3 p.m.

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