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My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I will keep you informed of the developments at the start of the Dutch football competition.

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PEC Zwolle-Feyenoord · a few seconds ago

46 'Feyenoord seems to have been shaken by trainer Dick Advocaat in the break and immediately set up a smooth attack in the second half.

Bryan Linssen is the final destination of this, but the new-born attacker leans back too much and therefore logically shoots high.

PEC Zwolle-Feyenoord 2 minutes ago


The whistle for the second half of PEC Zwolle-Feyenoord will also sound in Zwolle.

Did Dick Advocaat give a thunderous speech after his team's poor showing in the first half against PEC, despite a 0-1 lead by a hit from Berghuis?

And if so, will it have an effect after rest?

Or will PEC end up alongside?

FC Twente-Fortuna 4 minutes ago


After a beautiful fireworks show around the Grolsch Veste, FC Twente and Fortuna Sittard started their match in Enschede.

Which of the two relegation candidates in the past season immediately hands out a blow to the competitor?

4 minutes ago

PEC Zwolle-Feyenoord 8 minutes ago

Dick Advocaat is a football coach without any fuss and his face speaks volumes after the first half of PEC Zwolle-Feyenoord.

The face of the Hagenaar is on a thunderstorm after a lousy showing of his team in Zwolle, despite the early lead for the team from Rotterdam after a hit by Steven Berghuis.

PEC Zwolle-Feyenoord 14 minutes ago

Steven Berghuis scored five goals in 2020, the same as RKC Waalwijk and the most of all current Eredivisie players.

PEC Zwolle-Feyenoord 18 minutes ago


Feyenoord is lucky that it heads to the dressing room in Zwolle with a head start.

After Steven Berghuis' opening goal, a long shot in the fifth minute, it is PEC Zwolle that strikes the clock in-house, but the people of Zwolle lack a killer in the forefront.

So it is still 0-1 in the MAC³PARK stadium.

PEC Zwolle-Feyenoord 20 minutes ago

43 'Nicolai Jørgensen thinks he can surprise PEC goalkeeper Michael Zetterer in the short corner, but the German has an eye on the Dane's area in time and taps the ball out of the corner.

Heerenveen-Willem II 21 minutes ago

Willem II captain Holmen

is disappointed

with defeat

"This is disappointing. We have prepared well. It was a tough match against a tough opponent", Willem II captain Sebastian Holmen said after the 2-0 defeat against sc Heerenveen at

FOX Sports


"In the last phase the final pass was not good. We played well in the second half, but in the last part of the field we struggled."

21 minutes ago

PEC Zwolle-Feyenoord 24 minutes ago

39 'The equalizer for PEC Zwolle cannot be delayed, because now there is another chance for the freshly playing home team.

Kenneth Paal moves sharply, but Justin Bijlow manages to defuse his bet at the last moment with a quick reflex.

In the rebound the ball goes over high.

Heerenveen-Willem II 27 minutes ago

Heerenveen wins opening game in Eredivisie against Willem II

sc Heerenveen wins opening game in Eredivisie against Willem II.

Thanks to goals from defenders Lucas Woudenberg and Pawel Bochniewicz, the Frisians are 2-0 too strong for the team of trainer Adrie Koster, who was the revelation in the Eredivisie last season.

For Bochniewicz, who was recorded by sc Heerenveen three days ago, it was a goal on his debut.

Heerenveen-Willem II was the first game in the Eredivisie in 188 days, after the competition was cut short due to the corona crisis.

PEC Zwolle-Feyenoord 27 minutes ago

35 'After a strong opening phase, Feyenoord falls far back and it doesn't run for a meter anymore with the team of trainer Dick Advocaat.

'De Kleine General', from today the oldest trainer in the Eredivisie of all time, watches the game with an angry look and his arms on his side.

Heerenveen-Willem II 31 minutes ago

88 'Although the victory seems to be in, sc Heerenveen fails to take further distance from Willem II.

First, Arjan van der Heide misses for an almost empty goal, after which Henk Veerman shoots a cross from the left flank in a favorable position.

Heerenveen-Willem II 34 minutes ago

The two protagonists of Heerenveen captured in one image: Lucas Woudenberg and Pawel Bochniewicz.

Tonight it is the defenders who will give sc Heerenveen the victory over Willem II in the opening game in the Eredivisie.

34 minutes ago

PEC Zwolle-Feyenoord 38 minutes ago

25 'And another opportunity for PEC Zwolle.

An attempt by Kenneth Paal is cracked by Lutsharel Geertruida, but then the falling ball ends up at the feet of the retracting defender Thomas Lam.

Like a full-fledged striker, Lam takes the toy directly onto the slipper: just wide.

PEC is getting stronger.

PEC Zwolle-Feyenoord 40 minutes ago

23 'There PEC Zwolle is close to the equalizer.

The rising defender Sai van Wermeskerken shoots at goal at random.

His attempt misses direction, but at the far post a PEC player almost slips behind goalkeeper Justin Bijlow.

Feyenoord has been warned.

Heerenveen-Willem II 42 minutes ago

79 'Joey Veerman is given an imposed opportunity to put an end to all doubts.

The graceful playmaker of sc Heerenveen only shows up for Willem II goalkeeper Robbin Ruiter, but his attempt goes just wide.

Heerenveen-Willem II one hour ago

75 'GOAL sc Heerenveen!


What a dream debut for Pawel Bochniewicz.

The 24-year-old Pole signed a contract with sc Heerenveen three days ago and will now (probably) give the Frisians the victory at the opening game of the Eredivisie.

He cleverly heads an indirect free kick from the right against the ropes.

PEC Zwolle-Feyenoord one hour ago

Steven Berghuis addresses the cameras after his opening goal against PEC Zwolle and makes a kiss gesture.

Is that for the fans of Feyenoord, who have not been able to watch Eredivisie football from their favorites for more than six months?

an hour ago

an hour ago

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PEC Zwolle-Feyenoord one hour ago

14 'Another controversial moment.

Lutsharel Geertruida makes a sliding in the penalty area and PEC screams for a penalty, but referee Bas Nijhuis rightly concludes that the defender only touches the ball.

PEC Zwolle-Feyenoord one hour ago

10 'PEC Zwolle screams for a penalty kick when Marcos Senesi gets the ball on his arm in the penalty area, but referee Bas Nijhuis judges that there is an accident.

The toy lands on his arm via the heel of Senesi himself.

PEC Zwolle-Feyenoord one hour ago

9 'It is Feyenoord that the clock strikes in Zwolle and wants to do business quickly.

Bart Nieuwkoop thunders like a Ferrari over the right flank and puts the ball very wide on debutant Bryan Linssen, but he mows completely over the toy.

FC Twente-Fortuna Sittard one hour ago

And the final line-up for the opening day of the new Eredivisie season.

Fortuna Sittard enters Enschede with the next eleven.

The elf from Sittard!

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Avatar Author Fortuna Sittard Moment of places 20:01 - 12 September 2020

an hour ago

PEC Zwolle-Feyenoord one hour ago

5 'GOAL Feyenoord!


Steven Berghuis has the taste immediately.

The attacker of Feyenoord, last season's club top scorer with fifteen goals, is given plenty of room to shoot from about 20 meters and does so with precision in the left corner, although PEC goalkeeper Zetterer does not go completely free either.

The German is meters in front of his goal and dives to the corner much too late.

Heerenveen-Willem II one hour ago

These people in the Abe Lenstra Stadium are for the time being the lucky ones at the start of the Eredivisie between sc Heerenveen and Willem II.

The four thousand Frisian season ticket holders also see their team lead 1-0 against the Tilburg team in the first ten minutes after the break, thanks to a hit by left back Lucas Woudenberg.

PEC Zwolle-Feyenoord one hour ago

Dick Advocaat is with an age of 72 years and 351 days from now the oldest trainer ever in the Eredivisie.

The record was still held by Foppe de Haan, who was 72 years and 317 days old when he sat on the bench as coach of sc Heerenveen at ADO Den Haag on May 8, 2016.

PEC Zwolle-Feyenoord one hour ago


The ball rolls in Zwolle!

PEC Zwolle-Feyenoord is on its way.

Will Feyenoord enhance the start of the season in the Eredivisie with a victory?

And can the team from Rotterdam also participate in the title fight?

PEC Zwolle-Feyenoord one hour ago

The players of PEC Zwolle and Feyenoord enter the stadium in Zwolle for their first match this season in the Eredivisie.

First, they consider all the victims claimed by the corona virus.

Heerenveen-Willem II one hour ago

54 'Henk Veerman covers his face and that is more than logical.

The striker, who returned this summer from a trip to St. Pauli, Germany, only went after Willem II goalkeeper Robbin Ruiter, but ran into a closing post.

Here Heerenveen should have come to 2-0.

Heerenveen-Willem II one hour ago

50 ' 

Goal rejected! 

Willem II thinks he will be on a par with sc Heerenveen when Vangelis Pavlidis shoots the ball hard in the far corner, but the assistant referee has already raised his flag for offside.

The VAR, which this season can apply the infamous offside lines for the first time when studying offside, supports his colleague.

FC Twente-Fortuna Sittard one hour ago

FC Twente starts with the mercenaries Václav Cerny, Danilo and Tyronne Ebuehi in the home game against Fortuna Sittard.

The first whistle in De Grolsch Veste sounds at 9 p.m.

🔴 The names for tonight!

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Avatar Author FC TwenteMoment of places19: 45 - September 12, 2020

Heerenveen-Willem II one hour ago

A setback for sc Heerenveen: Ibrahim Dresevic was injured in the dressing room at half time.

Hamdi Akujobi replaces him.

PEC Zwolle-Feyenoord one hour ago

Lawyer: 'Jens is a professional'

Dick Advocaat does not think that Jens Toornstra has become the piss in the selection of Feyenoord.

The midfielder, who has been passed by the team from Rotterdam before, has to make way for newcomer Mark Diemers in the starting line-up against PEC Zwolle.

"Jens is a professional and accepts it. He will have to show me that he belongs. But that also applies to the eleven who do play," said Lawyer at 

FOX Sports


"I find it difficult to say how far we are. We did well with the guys who were fit, but two or three guys only played one full game."

Heerenveen-Willem II one hour ago


The ball rolls again in the Abe Lenstra Stadium for the second half of sc Heerenveen-Willem II.

Heerenveen defends a 1-0 lead against the Tilburgers, who were the revelation of the season last season.

PEC Zwolle-Feyenoord one hour ago

Stegeman: 'Sell skin as expensive as possible'

"We looked at the composition of the selection to be able to set up defenders. Bram van Polen and Sam Kersten are real defenders and take out their man", says PEC Zwolle trainer John Stegeman at

FOX Sports

about the defensive approach of its team in the preparation for the new season.

PEC conceded many goals in the last broken season.

"Feyenoord is a great challenge for us. They have a few good strikers and a lot of creativity, it will be a tough job. Let's hope we sell our skin as dearly as possible."

PEC Zwolle-Feyenoord one hour ago

Feyenoord trainer Dick Advocaat inspects the lawn in Zwolle with his assistants John de Wolf and Zeljko Petrovic.

That discovery is necessary, because after thirteen years there are blades of grass in the stadium of the local football club in Zwolle.

Heerenveen-Willem II 2 hours ago


The very first half of the new season in the Eredivisie is over.

SC Heerenveen leads after the first 45 minutes against Willem II thanks to a goal from left back Lucas Woudenberg, who crossed the entire field on his way to his 1-0.

Heerenveen-Willem II 2 hours ago

40 'Willem II shows himself for the first time in a long time.

Gorkem Saglam gets a falling ball in front of his feet and takes it directly on the slipper, but his attempt misses direction.

Heerenveen-Willem II 2 hours ago

36 'A new chance for sc Heerenveen.

Rodney Kongolo slalom past his guard and puts the ball wide on the detached Couhaib Driouech, but the eighteen-year-old replacement for the injured Mitchell van Bergen cannot get his foot behind the toy and shoots wide and over.

Heerenveen-Willem II 2 hours ago

32 'Miquel Nelom lets his frustrations run wild and enters a duel with a player from sc Heerenveen with a straight leg.

Referee Martens rightly draws the yellow card.

Willem II is not really involved.

PEC Zwolle-Feyenoord 2 hours ago

The players of Feyenoord report in Zwolle, where the match against PEC starts in 45 minutes.

Checking in for 2020-2021!

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Avatar Author Feyenoord Rotterdam Moment of places 19: 13 - 12 September 2020

2 hours ago

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Heerenveen-Willem II 2 hours ago

Lucas Woudenberg cheers for the profession with the fanatical supporters of sc Heerenveen after his opening goal against Willem II.

They are with less, but they are not less happy after the goal of their Frisian favorites.

Heerenveen-Willem II 2 hours ago

22 'GOAL sc Heerenveen!


There is the first goal in the new season in the Eredivisie and that comes in the name of Lucas Woudenberg of sc Heerenveen.

The defender thunders over the left flank, combines with Arjan van der Heide and pulls the trigger like a cold-blooded striker in the Tilburg penalty area.

sc Heerenveen leads in-house against Willem II.

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