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Formula 1 a few seconds ago

Verstappen split Mercedes drivers in third practice at Mugello

Formula 1 · 3 minutes ago

Another 3 minutes

- Verstappen is approaching Bottas' time to a hundredth.

He is second with 1.16.547.

3 minutes ago

Formula 1 · 5 minutes ago

Another 6 minutes

- For the first time in this session, Max Verstappen goes on the road on the soft tire.

Can the Dutchman attack Bottas's time?

Formula 1 8 minutes ago

Another 7 minutes

- Gasly provides a short-lived yellow flag.

The AlphaTauri driver shoots into the gravel for a moment, but can continue on his way without damage.

Formula 1 15 minutes ago

Another 13 minutes

- The stand:

  • Bottas (S) 1.16.530

  • Hamilton (S) 1.16.613

  • Verstappen (M) 1.17.116

  • Leclerc (S) 1.17.488

  • Stroll (M) 1.17.580

  • Formula 1 16 minutes ago

    Another 14 minutes

    - Hamilton does not come to Bottas's time.

    The Brit is eight hundredths slower than his teammate.

    Formula 1 17 minutes ago

    Another 16 minutes

    - Good morning, what a time for Valtteri Bottas.

    The Finn is five tenths faster than Verstappen with 1.16.530.

    Only in the third sector does the Finn lose compared to the Dutch.

    17 minutes ago

    Formula 1 19 minutes ago

    Another 17 minutes

    - Hamilton is also on the road with new soft tires.

    Formula 1 20 minutes ago

    Another 18 minutes

    - Bottas sets off with a fresh set of soft tires.

    Normally the Finn will be faster than Verstappen has just been on the medium tires.

    Formula 1 23 minutes ago

    Another 21 minutes

    - Brake problems for George Russel.

    The Williams driver is the only driver who has not yet recorded a time.

    Formula 1 27 minutes ago

    Another 26 minutes

    - The stand:

  • Verstappen (M) 1.17.116

  • Bottas (S) 1.17.239

  • Hamilton (S) 1.17.415

  • Stroll (M) 1.17.580

  • Leclerc (M) 1.18.178

  • Formula 1 29 minutes ago

    Another 26 minutes

    - Fastest time for Max Verstappen!

    The Dutchman is one tenth faster on the medium tire than Bottas, who therefore rides on the soft tire.

    29 minutes ago

    Formula 1 29 minutes ago

    Another 27 minutes

    - Verstappen records a purple time in sector 1 ...

    Formula 1 30 minutes ago

    Another 30 minutes

    - Verstappen is almost as fast in his first lap on medium as Valtteri Bottas on the soft tire.

    A promising time for the Dutch.

    The score:

  • Bottas (S) 1.17.239

  • Verstappen (M) 1.17.298

  • Hamilton (S) 1.17.415

  • Stroll (M) 1.17.580

  • Leclerc (M) 1.18.178

  • Formula 1 · 34 minutes ago

    Another 32 minutes

    - And there is Max Verstappen for the first day today.

    The Dutchman sets out on the medium band.

    Formula 1 · 35 minutes ago

    Another 34 minutes

    - Max Verstappen is now in his car, but is still in the pits.

    The score:

  • Hamilton (S) 1.17.415

  • Bottas (S) 1.17.437

  • Stroll (S) 1.17.580

  • Leclerc (M) 1.18.178

  • Albon (M) 1.18.275

  • Formula 1 37 minutes ago

    Another 36 minutes

    - Hamilton takes the fastest time from Bottas.

    With 1.17.415, the Brit is two hundredths faster than his teammate.

    37 minutes ago

    Formula 1 38 minutes ago

    Another 37 minutes

    - It is getting busier on the track.

    Albon and Verstappen are the only drivers who have not yet appeared on the asphalt.

    Formula 1 44 minutes ago

    Another 42 minutes

    - Finally some action on the track again.

    Kimi Räikkönen and Antonio Giovinazzi break the silence.

    Formula 1 one hour ago


    track limits

    at Mugello.

    This round of Valtteri Bottas will therefore remain standing.

    Using 𝐀𝐋𝐋 the kerb 🔥Valtteri Bottas goes to the top yet again in Mugello practice #TuscanGP 🇮🇹 # F1


    Avatar Author Formula 1 Moment of publication 12: 12 - 12 September 2020

    Formula 1 one hour ago

    Another 49 minutes

    - It is a very quiet start to this session.

    All cars are back in the pits.

    Max Verstappen has not even put on his helmet yet and is relaxed in his pit box.

    Formula 1 one hour ago

    Another 52 minutes

    - Valtteri Bottas is the first driver to set a time: 1.17.437.

    an hour ago

    Formula 1 one hour ago

    Another 55 minutes

    - Several drivers immediately drive outside for an installation lap.

    Max Verstappen is still in the pits.

    Formula 1 one hour ago

    Another 60 minutes

    - Green!

    The third free practice for the Grand Prix of Tuscany at Mugello is on its way.

    Formula 1 one hour ago

    The big question is of course whether Max Verstappen can compete for pole position this afternoon.

    In any case, the Dutchman looks back on the Friday training sessions with a good feeling.

    "A third place is in any case", says Verstappen, who secretly hopes for more, at

    Ziggo Sport


    "But if we can just follow the Mercedes, we are doing well. It is much better than in Monza."

    Formula 1 one hour ago

    Ferrari took a team photo this morning at Mugello in honor of the thousandth Grand Prix.

    Hopefully there will be something to cheer for the Italian racing team this afternoon.

    Since the very first @ F1 season, we have always been on track.

    Many things have changed over 1000 GPs, but our love of a challenge and passion for this sport remain the same ❤️ #essereFerrari 🔴 # SF1000GP #TuscanGP


    Avatar Author Scuderia Ferrari Moment of places 11: 40 - September 12, 2020

    Formula 1 one hour ago

    The third free practice for the Grand Prix of Tuscany will start at Noon at Mugello.

    The McLaren mechanics practice some pit stops in the run-up to that session.


    Getting the practice in.

    💪 #TuscanGP 🇮🇹


    Avatar Author McLaren Moment of places 11:39 - 12 September 2020

    Back up