Tennis Naomi Osaka To the US Open Finals Thoughts in a Black Mask September 11th 19:32

Naomi Osaka has decided to advance to the final for the first time in two years at the US Open, one of the four major tennis tournaments.

Throughout the convention, I have been wearing black masks with the names of black men and women who died in the incident as a protest against racial discrimination.

What are your thoughts on the black mask?

Attitude of protest against racial discrimination Also sent on SNS

Osaka, who has a father from Haiti and a Japanese mother, has been protesting against racial discrimination through his SNS.

There were various forms such as postings requesting a deeper understanding of the background of the protest in line with the protest activities that are becoming more active mainly in the United States, and showing the intention of the protest on a black screen.

In addition, at the US Open outpost last month, he temporarily announced a boycott of the tournament in protest of a black man being shot from behind by police officers.

At this time, Mr. Osaka announced a message saying "I am a black woman" and said, "I don't think there will be any dramatic changes if I don't play, but white people. In a sport with many people, if we can have various discussions, I feel that it is a step in the right direction. "

Prepare 7 black masks for protest

Against this backdrop, at the US Open, Osaka has shown his willingness to protest by wearing black masks bearing the names of black men and women who died in the incident in every match.

In an interview immediately after the first round, he revealed that he was motivated to wear all of the seven similar masks, assuming that he would advance to the final.

▽ The name written on the mask of the first round is Briona Taylor.

This March, a woman who died after being shot by a police officer who rushed into her home in Kentucky.

▽ Elijah McLean in the second round is a man who died after being detained by a police officer in Colorado last August.

▽ Mr. Amard Arbury of the third round is a man who was shot dead by a white parent and child while jogging in Georgia this February.

▽ The 4th round is Mr. Trayvon Martin.

In 2012, a 17-year-old high school student at the time, was shot dead in Florida by a vigilante man.

After his death, "BLACK LIVES MATTER" was due to the delay in police investigation and the acquittal of the man who was shot dead.

A series of protests that "black life is also important" spread.

Martin's mother sent a message to thank Osaka during the tournament, and Osaka said, "I am a vessel to spread awareness. I do not think that the pain lost to my family will disappear, but the bereaved family I want to help with whatever I need. "


▽ The quarterfinal is George Floyd.

In May, a white police officer killed him in Minnesota.

Protests against racial discrimination spread not only in the United States but all over the world when the footage of the whole story spread through the media and SNS.

Philland Castil, written on the semi-final mask, was a man shot dead by a police officer in Minnesota four years ago.

Through the black mask, Mr. Osaka's behavior of "I want more people to know about this problem" attracted a lot of attention as it was taken up by overseas media.

After deciding to advance to the final, Mr. Osaka said, "I'm glad I knew that there was a lot of feedback from all over the world and I was told the importance of the matter. I was happy to hear that voice. "