- No matter how much we want it to be different, it will be a bit naive to say something other than what reality looks like, he says to TV4's Fotbollskanalen.

On Tuesday, Fotbollskanalen presented information that showed that Janne Andersson in 2019 had an annual salary of SEK 5.8 million, compared with Peter Gerhardsson's salary of SEK 1.3 million.

According to Håkan Sjöstrand, the difference is not remarkable.

- That salaries can differ between different people, despite having similar tasks, that in itself is not unusual in the labor market - and this also applies to football, says Sjöstrand to Fotbollskanalen.

"Reduce the gaps we see"

He continues:

- As for the differences that exist, you also need to look at the revenue side and this is also reflected in salary situations, for national team captains and club coaches in football and other sports.

This applies both in Sweden and internationally.

Then we must work and work to reduce the gaps we see.

Sjöstrand also says that there has been great interest in Andersson's services from other countries and clubs - and that this has led to a larger salary increase from the union.

CLIP: Ronaldo lowered Sweden (9 Sep 2020)

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Ronaldo lowered Sweden - Svensson's expulsion behind the landslide Photo: Bildbyrån / Rörligt TV4