Professional baseball Lotte Tamura Right hand fracture with dead ball 1 Deletion of military registration September 10 18:18

Professional baseball player Lotte catcher Tatsuhiro Tamura broke his right hand due to a dead ball that he received in the Nippon-Ham match on the 9th.

Tamura participated in Nippon Ham's match at ZOZO Marine Stadium in Chiba City on the 9th with No. 8 Catcher, and attempted a bunt at the second bat at 5 times. was doing.

Upon inspection at a hospital in Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture, it was found that the index finger of the right hand had a peeling fracture.

Tamura, the eighth year of the professional, participated in 60 games this season and had a batting average of 20 minutes, three home runs and 21 RBIs.

The timing of Tamura's return is unknown.

Lotte is in second place with a 0.5 game difference from the leading Softbank, and there is concern about the impact of the departure of Tamura, who wore a mask as a starting catcher.