Major League Angels Otani Starter with designated batter 4 hits 1 hits 9th September 13:59

On the 8th, Shohei Otani of the big league, Angels, was a designated hitter in the Rangers game and was a four-batted one hit.

On the 8th, Otani of the Angels started as a No. 5 nominated batter in the Rangers' match against the opponent's hometown of Arlington, Texas.

Otani once struck the first bat at 2 out, 1st base and 2nd base, but failed to take advantage of the chance by falling out of swing.

In the 4th inning, he hit the fastball and hit a base on a left, then decided to steal the seventh base this season.

In the 6th inning, the third at-bat was a 1-out 1st-base shot, and the pitcher Goro was double-played, and in the 8th in-between 4th at-bat also fell to 2-out 1st-base.

Otani has one hit in four batting averages and the batting average is 10:9:4.

In the match, the Angels lost 1 to 7 and the consecutive wins stopped at "5".