Leonardo was the guest of CFC on Sunday September 6, 2020. -

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Leonardo has it bad.

The sports director of Paris Saint-Germain lives badly to have learned the news of the positive Covid test of Kylian Mbappé by the press, as he explained Monday on RMC.

According to him, the FFF should have warned him in the first place.

And just warn him.

"It is unacceptable to hear from the press that we have a player, our positive player," said Leonardo.

They communicate and send the player home and now what do we do?

No one from the Federation called PSG.

No one contacted us.


🗣💬 "It's unacceptable! We learned from the press that we had a positive player. No one from the FFF communicated to us. It's a lack of respect!"

Leonardo's anger after learning from the press of Kylian Mbappé's positive Coronavirus test # RMCLive pic.twitter.com/EmA3UGvmTG

- After Foot RMC (@AfterRMC) September 7, 2020

Result, the Brazilian says that the club had to do fact-checking by asking for confirmation from the player.

While taking care to ignite one last time.

“Everyone lectures at Paris Saint-Germain and after Paris Saint-Germain must endure the situation without knowing.

It is a lack of respect […] never to communicate with the club when the player returns home.

We didn't speak to anyone, we only spoke to Mbappé.



Coronavirus: Kylian Mbappé tested positive for Covid-19

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