It was at the score 0-0, just before the break, that Gustav Svensson pulled on his second yellow card with a late tackle on Joao Moutinho.

On the ensuing free kick, Ronaldo pulled in nicely 1-0 behind Robin Olsen and it was his 100th goal in the national team jersey.

- Gustav Svensson makes it very clumsy in both situations, and it is a bad defensive game.

He puts the team in the shit with his second yellow card, says SVT Sports expert Daniel Nannskog.

After 72 minutes, Cristiano Ronaldo then determined the final result when he nicely placed 2-0 behind a chanceless Robin Olsen in Sweden's goal.

- My God, you never cease to be amazed at the brilliance he possesses.

Ronaldo creates and is there all the time, it's so direct.

It is extremely impressive with his special attack that dives and makes it so difficult for the goalkeepers.

Olsen praises

Daniel Nannskog wants to highlight Robin Olsen who before the 0-1 goal was responsible for several fine saves.

- Robin Olsen has nothing to do with the goals and I think he saves Sweden on several occasions.

Otherwise, I think the passing game was better than against France, but there is a lack of Ronaldo's direct quality and we become too cumbersome.

This is something Sweden must continue to work on because it was a bit the same against France.

We create too many great chances.

The big snack before the match against Portugal was Dejan Kulusevski.

Tonight, national team captain Janne Andersson chose to start with Kulusevski in midfield.

- He shows that he has the technique and is strong in some situations where he covers the ball and he tries to be creative.

But it's a bit like the whole of Sweden, so it stops when he enters the penalty area, says Daniel Nannskog and continues:

- But it is clear that a perfect role is Kulusevski higher up the field in a 4-3-3 formation.

Now it will be a very defensive job and it will be a tough role for him.

Get great chances

What do you take with you after this collection?

- We have a bit left to the best team.

If you check against France last time, they win a bit at half speed, even though Sweden made a good match.

But the defensive game is sitting and now you need to polish the offensive and get better in the last third to create more great chances.

It is really needed.

What is positive is that many have been able to show up and get playing time during this collection.