Chinanews client, Beijing, September 7 (Bian Liqun) On the evening of the 6th, with Beijing Guoan's 2:2 draw with Wuhan Zall, the 9th round of the Chinese Super League ended.

The "Captain Dialogue" between Augusto (right) and Li Xing during the game between Guoan and Zall.

Image source: official photo courtesy of Chinese Super League/IC photo

  Judging from the "weight" of the teams of Beijing Guoan and Wuhan Zall, this is a contest between the championship-level team and the top four teams in the competition group, but Guoan failed to show the advantage and scored two goals first. Under the circumstances, he lost a good game and finally got a draw.

  Obviously, the result of the tie "does not quench their thirst" for both sides. Guoan has achieved 1 win, 3 draws and 1 loss in the past 5 rounds, and there is not too much convincing content on the field. The dissatisfaction of the draw.

  For Zall, I am afraid that it is more of a pity. After scoring two consecutive goals to equalize, they could have scored the third goal in one effort to win the game.

If they score 3 points with Guoan, their points will come to 18 points, surpassing Guoan to rank second in Group B and 5 points ahead of fifth place. This is a leading advantage enough for them to enter the second stage of the championship group.

  It can be seen from the game that in the face of Beijing Guoan, Wuhan Zall did not want to be caught by nothing, and even showed a stronger desire to fight. This is also true of Hebei Huaxia Fortune, which defeated Shanghai SIPG 2-0 this round.

The huge pressure to compete for the four forces forced them to move forward without any retreat. They are also the epitome of the current league competition for the four groups.

Zall forward Baptistan (orange jersey) competes fiercely with Guoan players for the top spot.

Image source: official photo courtesy of Chinese Super League/IC photo

  In fact, at this stage, the teams at both ends of the A and B groups have basically not had much pressure. Championship-level teams such as Evergrande, Shanghai SIPG, and Guoan have established their points advantage, even if they play "leisurely". Relying on inertia can win the top 2 in the group.

  For teams like Jianye, TEDA, and Huang Hai that basically want to enter the relegation group, the task at this stage is more to run the lineup and play style, and increase the bargaining chip for the second stage.

  Only the teams that still have four hopes of fighting have reached a stage where they can't afford to lose in any game. With a very small difference in points, the situation may take a turn for the worse.

  The results of this round of competition have completely forced these four teams to the collective sprint stage.

Shenhua's draw with Shenzu allowed the Dalian team to catch up behind them.

Image source: official photo courtesy of Chinese Super League/IC photo

  After Dalian's 4-0 victory over Henan Jianye, it has risen to 6th in Group A.

It just so happens that Shanghai Shenhua and Shenzhen Kaisa in front of them drew a tie in the direct dialogue of the fourth place. This resulted in a situation in which Shenhua, who ranked 4th, was only 3 points ahead of Dalian, and Shenhua, who was 5th, was still 1 behind Shenhua. Points, but only 2 points ahead of Dalian.

  Even more exciting is that in the next round of competition, all three teams will face strong opponents. Dalian will play against Jiangsu Suning, the second in the group, Shenzhen Football will play against Guangzhou Evergrande, the first in the group, and Shanghai Shenhua will play third in the group. The famous Shandong Luneng.

Who can survive the next round of difficulties, perhaps will win the first opportunity in the four wars.

  After that, Dalian people will also stage a direct confrontation with Shanghai Shenhua. The current and predecessor confrontation between Benitez and Cui Kangxi also adds another dimension to this focus battle.

  In the penultimate round of the first stage, the Dalianers will also stage four battles with Shenzhen Football Team. This is also the key battle that affects Group A's four-game competition. If Shenhua has fallen out of the top four by then, the Dalianers have not fallen behind, then The significance of this game will be very important, even more exciting and intense than the "Battle of Tianwangshan" in the first stage.

Under the tremendous pressure of the fourth competition, Hebei China Fortune Land Development Co., Ltd. defeated Shanghai SIPG, the top player in the group by 2:0.

Image source: official photo courtesy of Chinese Super League/IC photo

  The four major games in Group B are not inferior.

When Wuhan Zall drew with Beijing Guoan, Hebei Huaxia Fortune and Shijiazhuang Yongchang both won, the difference between the four teams in this group was also within 3 points.

  Zall ranked third in the group with 18 points, China Fortune Plaza ranked fourth in the group with 14 points, and Yongchang ranked fifth in the group with 13 points, forming a fierce situation of 3 wins and 2nd.

  In the next round of the competition, Yongchang and Zall will have a direct dialogue with Zall. China Fortune Land Development will face Chongqing Modern, where there is still a glimmer of hope for the contest. The results of these two matchups will directly affect the situation of the contest in Group B. Extreme situations. Next, Chongqing Modern Times may also join the competition.

  In the penultimate round of the first stage, Wuhan Zall will have a direct dialogue with Hebei Huaxia Fortune. Even if both sides are in the top four, it will be a fierce battle. After all, the fourth most likely will be in the second stage. The first round against Guangzhou Evergrande basically meant "a dead end."

Super League standings (ninth round)

  As the first stage of the Chinese Super League entered the last 1/3, it did have the taste of "repellent storm".

Unlike usual, the protagonists of this drama are not the traditional Evergrande, Guoan and SIPG, but more teams like Shenzhen Football, Dalian, and Yongchang that didn't have much "existence" in the past.

  After the six four-team melee, the Chinese Super League will enter the second stage, when the championship team will return to the protagonist position, and the relegation fight will also be staged.

Under the two-round knockout tournament system, it is destined to be more cruel and fierce than ever.

  On the 8th, the 10th round of the Chinese Super League will begin. With the Dalian People's debut against Jiangsu Suning, the sprint of six four teams will officially begin.