After the game in Germany, throughout the weekend, from the Ciudad del Fútbol, ​​more armored than usual for journalists because of the coronavirus (or thanks, in the version of the most veteran players) to the coronavirus, whispers came out, changed in voices as the hours go by:

"What is being said about Busi is a shame!"

, phrase that needs some translation.

Busi is what they call Busquets within the national team, this is already more or less known, and «what they are doing to him», that written like this seems very serious, it is not if not

a series of sports criticisms of his performance

in the tie last Thursday.

Two turnovers and an unfortunate first half were reported by the press.

That is, he was criticized for what he did on the field.

So, what is so much anger in the selection for these criticisms?

The answer must be sought in who has been the great news of this concrentración.

Of course, even in this Ansu Fati has something to do, since Sunday the earliest scorer in Spain.

"The work that Busi does, and that is not always seen, is extremely important for the group, both on and off the field," said some employees close to the team.

There is the key, at least this time: "off the field."

Because Busi, Busquets, has been

Ansu Fati's godfather


"He came with him by the hand and left with him by the hand," said an old member of the complicated ecosystem that surrounds the team.

And of course, regardless of the fact that Busquets has earned the right to fail, that he has won it with 117 international matches and memorable performances, the fact of having contributed, in a decisive way, to the protection of the Barça winger in his first foray into the absolute grants him general veneration.

Tranquility and humility

From the hand of Busquets, but also Eric García, Ansu Fati (17 years old) has experienced his debut in a concentration.

The Manchester City center-back coincided with the winger in

the lower categories of Barça

, and they will surely meet this summer in the first team (at least that is García's intention).

"Eric looks much more mature, and that's why he has been like his older brother these days," says someone who has lived with them.

In Las Rozas they speak of the boy with a mixture of enthusiasm and forced prudence.

The calmness and humility of the kid was surprising, and one detail: every free time he had he used to go to the gym.

That, going to the gym, is something that most footballers start to do out of obligation when they are already in the elite.

It's hard to see a youth in the gym.

It was not the case of Ansu, also shy about the buffet.

More vegetables than pasta and more fish than meat.

So, of course, it measures 1.78 and weighs 66 kilos.

In the Federation, then, they are like a child with new shoes, that from time to time it is convenient to recall old expressions.

They are aware that the selection, today, is something very distant, if not completely alien, for the fans.

And, as usual, beyond, of course, the results, it is

iconic figures

that attract the attention of the public.

Far from the choral version that Iniesta, Xavi, Busquets, Alonso, Villa, Torres, etc ... supposed, each one a star by himself, today Spain has none.

Perhaps Ramos, but at 34 he cannot be thought of as the image of the future, no matter how essential he is in the present.

Marketing contracts

A flash like Fati's has even removed the roles in the offices of the marketing team, who observe in him (young, charismatic, of humble origin and easy smile) one of those arguments that fatten advertising and sponsorship contracts, contracts that they have been losing weight from 2014 to today, coinciding, of course, with the sports devaluation of the group.

In that World Cup in Brazil there were very powerful companies such as I

berdrola, Movistar, Cruzcampo, Cepsa, Gillette, Nissan ...

with stratospheric contracts.

Today, Caixabank, Seat and Finetwork, main sponsors, have a much more modest structure.

Recovering the previous one happens because someone like Ansu Fati explodes.

"He will, the boy is a bomb," they predict in the offices.

«We will see», Luis Enrique responds privately, excited about the boy, yes, but prudent: «He is a child, we must not rush, he has much to learn».

Of course, in the coaching staff they talk about their

positioning to receive the ball

as the key to their game.

Apart from other virtues, he always receives well positioned for the action he wants to do.

"He always looks good," commented among the members of the coaching staff, alluding to the ability to orient his body based on, first, where the ball comes from and, second, what he wants to do with it (dribble, play face , turn around, etc ...).

That is why, they say, because he always looks good, he usually has an advantage over his marker at the beginning of the actions.

Speed ​​and cheek do the rest.

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