Onshore Cambridge Asuka Participated in a hurry record session 10 seconds at 100m 13 Sept 6 17:01

Cambridge Asuka, who is doing well this season with 100 meters of track men, participated in the record meeting held in Yamanashi Prefecture, marking a time of 10 seconds 13 seconds.

Cambridge updated his personal best for the first time in 3 years at the 100-meter men's tournament held in Fukui City eight days ago, winning a good time of 10:03, and being able to reach the 9-second range. I have raised.

Initially, I had no plans to participate in a race this week, but Cambridge took a rush to participate in a record session held in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture on the 6th, following the last race, which was in good shape.

Yuki Koike, whose personal best was 9 seconds 98, also participated in the record session.

In the race, the two teams were the same group, and with a smooth run from the start that Cambridge was improving this season, Koike was pulled away and finished in the first place.

However, although the time was at the top of the list, it remained at 10 seconds 13 under the condition of a tailwind of 0.6 meters and did not reach the 9 seconds range.

Koike was 10 seconds 33.

Koike made his first appearance this season at 200 meters, but with a headwind of 0.6 meters, he finished in a mediocre time of 20.76.

Cambridge "One more run in the second half"

Cambridge Asuka said, ``I was able to run to a certain extent even though I was a little tired from the three consecutive games, but I thought that 10 seconds 0 cars would pass, so there are some unsatisfactory parts,'' he recalled. It was

The next race will be at the Japanese Championship next month in Niigata City. "The Japanese Championship will be the last race of the year, so I'd like to take some rest and prepare for it. So, I have an image that I want to run higher in the second half. There is one good thing in the first half, the middle, the second half, but there is no race that was perfect at the moment. The connecting part of each phase I want to be able to run well.”